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B2B Travel Portal Software

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Arya Varta
Arya Varta

⁣What is B2B Travel Portal

B2B Travel Portal Software
is an online travel
booking platform with flights, hotels, tours, and transfer modules designed
for travel agents to book flights, hotels, and tours as well as handle
back-office operations such as reservations, inventory, and itinerary creation
through a single platform.

Travelopro develops the best
B2B travel portal Software, which is a one-stop solution for all travel agent
requirements. It comes with the best inventory from over 200+ suppliers across
hotels, flights, tours, activities, car rentals, and payment gateways to
enhance the customer experience and increase bookings.

How B2B Travel Portal Software
Development Works?

Travelopro creates an online
B2B travel portal network to help Tour Operators, Consolidators, and Travel
Agents efficiently distribute movement or accommodation products to different
sub-specialists. The idea of clarifying business with the aid of a B2B travel
portal is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity for a company. Efficiently
manage your travel business with our advanced B2B travel software and booking
engine for hotels.

Travelopro believes that
whether you are developing a B2B White Label
travel portal, a complete travel booking portal, a hotel reservation
system, online car rental booking engine, or transport services, you can create
a sub-agent management portal to support your business.

All travel agencies can use
the B2B travel platform at any time and don't have to waste time forming
partnerships with global lodging providers or filling out paperwork. Maximize
efficiency and profitability with our B2B travel agency portal. B2B Travel Portal
Development is the perfect choice B2B portal for travel agents seeking
adaptable and user-friendly solutions to streamline and manage their business

Develop custom B2B Travel
portal with Travelopro

As a B2B business provider,
it becomes very important for you to hold the cost down so that the travel
agents and tour providers also take advantage by selling the products, yet have
a good profit. Travelopro being one of the most trustworthy travel technology
companies, we make sure that the B2B travel
portals developed by us are integrated with top API providers offering the
cheapest flight, hotel, car booking deals.

Travelopro B2B services
better the ability of tour agents, travel operators, consolidators and
additionally encourage them to exchange their movement items through a
completely business-centric solution. You can integrate the B2B travel portal
software with the best GDS and API integration providers, like Amadeus,
Travelport, Sabre.

The B2B agent booking portal
platform developed by Travelopro not only enhances the travel service giving
the experience of travel agents and travel consolidators but also supports them
to seamlessly distribute the inventories to sub-agents.

Our B2B travel portal can be
utilized by tour operators, corporate travel companies, B2B travel
consolidators, and empowers companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel
booking to clients.

How B2B Travel Portal Software
Development is an advantage To Your Business?

B2B Travel
Portal Software Development from Travelopro provides a wide range of
advantages to your company. The most simply seen one is automated bookings and
reservations. It saves you from spending considerable time on research and
booking various activities. The top-rated web-based interface aids in the
smooth functioning of the system. You can gain connections to various services,
leading to an increase in guest retention.

Another crucial benefit of
B2B Travel Portal Development is the cost-efficient approach. The ability to
adjust or change several aspects of travel prices in real-time leads to
maximized earnings and reduction in maintenance and operational prices. You can
also acquire contact for real-time data on flight availability, hotel booking,
airport transfers, and more! It also gives critical customer insights, access
to various reputed GDS systems, etc.

Are you a startup looking
for a B2B travel portal development company for agents?

Travelopro believes whether
you are looking forward to developing a B2B White Label travel portal, a total
travel booking portal, hotel
reservation system, car rental online, or transfer services can generate a
sub-agent management portal to simplify your business. All travel companies can
access the B2B portal anytime and do not require to waste time making
collaborations with worldwide accommodation providers and doing the paper work.

The B2B solutions have
become very profitable for the sub-agents as they can simply book travel
products from the agents at a much lower rate. Moreover, they make those
products available to their clients at an affordable price.

Travelopro gives travel
development that enables companies to give instant online travel
booking at low rates that go beyond expectations. Travelopro specializes in
B2B travel portal design, B2B travel portal development, and API integration of
the module with top GDS/ XML and JSON API. Our testing department looks after
the technical aspect of the B2B portal, whether it is working fine in all the
screen sizes, the number of errors in the page and much more.

Our B2B for Flight, Hotels,
Cars, Tour Packages

Our B2B travel booking
platform provides an option for travel agencies to book flights, hotels, cars,
tour packages, and excursions on behalf of their guests. At Travelopro, we give
wings to travel agencies to make them fly high. We make sure that our booking
software is error-free and help our clients to connect with Travel CRM for
travel agencies globally.

Our B2B travel agents
booking system is a total solution for travel agencies, sub-agents, and
corporations to reserve air tickets, hotels, cars on rent and travel packages,
etc. Through our robust and scalable B2B travel booking portal, we fill the gap
between your travel agencies and business customers.

At Travelopro, the travel
portal combines GDS and XML API
integration for flights, hotels, cars, tour packages, etc. Through the
continuous efforts of our dedicated team, we have proved our excellence around
the world. We believe in learning and expanding every single day and letting
our clients prosper too. At Travelopro, we understand that every business looks
for a quality product at a low price.

What we offer

There’s a lot to expect and
ask for when it comes to Travelopro B2B Travel Portal Software.

B2B White label Portal

B2B Booking Engine

B2B Tour operator software

Integration of B2B Travel Portal Software

A white label travel website

Online Travel Agency Software

What are the Benefits of the
B2B Travel Portal Software?

Automatic Booking as well as confirmation


Reduce the cost of maintenance

Help in partnering with a world-wide travel
service provider

Booking administration

Support for customers

Amendments can be made easily

Advance Self Convert Currency

Safety along with flexibility

Brand Image

Manage the language of the account

B2B travel portal software

Online travel booking engine

Secure mid-office

Reservation Management

Travel Agent Management

Transactional Accounting

Accounting System Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Multiple Supplier APIs

The ability to add in direct contracts

Redistribution API

Multilingual travel websites

Add offline travel bookings

Distribute white labels

Manage multiple branches

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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