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B2B Travel Portal Development

1 Views· 0 Purchases· 08/12/22
Prerana Kisi
Prerana Kisi
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⁣B2B Travel
Portal Development

Our XML API integrated booking
engine for flights, hotels, transfers, cars, sightseeing, and packages allows
our clients to search and book online. Our B2B travel booking platform
supports GDS
integration such as Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, and others. Our
services are available to both online and offline travel agencies.

Our B2B travel booking service is a
complete solution for travel agencies, sub-agents, and businesses to reserve
air tickets, hotels, rental vehicles, and vacation packages, among other
things. Our company provides exceptional services through a robust, responsive,
accessible, and high-performing platform.

B2B Travel Portal Development Company:

TripFro, a pre-eminent travel
portal development company, offers advanced B2B/B2C travel booking software for
flight, vehicle, excursion, hotels, and tour packages. We design and develop
bespoke B2C/B2B solutions that can be extended with unique features and
functionalities. These solutions are customizable to fit your specific

Our team can assist you in
developing a travel portal with limitless potential. Our solutions enable
various API interfaces with multiple vendors, allowing your clients to meet all
of their travel requirements in one place. We create B2B travel portals with
modules such as a flight booking engine, hotel booking
engine, car rental engine, vacation rental engine, cruise
booking engine, and other activities.

How does
B2B Travel Portal Software Benefits Travel Businesses?

B2B Travel Portal Development is an
online business platform for travel wholesalers to provide travel solutions
like flight booking, hotel booking, tour booking, and car booking services to
travel agents and tour operators. You may provide travel agents with real-time
online booking and availability checking through a B2B travel portal.

B2B refers to web-based solutions
that let you build new business relationships between organizations across the
globe. It covers various businesses that contribute to remarkable business
success and excellent partnerships. B2B is an integral component of the travel

Benefits of
B2B Travel Portals:

Real-time accessibility

Automatic Booking and Confirmation


Reduced Cost of Maintenance

Partnership with a Worldwide Travel
Service Provider

Booking Administration

Support for Customers

GDS system integrations

Brand Image

Increase business profitability

Features of
B2B Travel Portal Development:

Agent and User Registration

Mark-up managements

Checking the booking and

Coupons and vouchers

Multi API and GDS suppliers

The online travel reservation

Allow various sales channels like
B2B, B2C, etc.

Streamlined mid-office

The best tool to manage travel

Transactional Accounting

Redistribution API

Are You
Looking For A B2B Travel Portal Development Company For Agents?

TripFro develops an online B2B
Travel Agency platform to assist Tour Operators,
Consolidators, and Travel Agents in allocating travel or hotel items to various
services more effectively.

Whether you want to build a B2B White Label Travel
Portal, a comprehensive travel booking portal, a hotel reservation
system, online car rental, or transfer services, you may establish a sub-agent
management portal to help your business.

Furthermore, they offer such
products available to their customers at a selection of affordable pricing. We
offer travel
portal development services that enable businesses to provide instant online
travel booking at prices that exceed expectations.

Reason to
Choose Us:

Partnership with global and top GDS
providers such as Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport

A dedicated professional can manage
the overall travel portal development process.

Agents can book sightseeing tours
in over 50 countries.

Enhance your working efficiency

If you are looking for reliable B2B
travel portal development or want to find the best platform to develop a
B2B White Label travel portal for your business, contact TripFro for more
information. We provide a complete travel portal development process according
to your requirements.

For more details, please visit our website:

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