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GDS Flight Booking System
16 May 2022
GDS Flight Booking System
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Amadeus Reservation System

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⁣Amadeus Reservation

What is Amadeus
Reservation System?

Amadeus Reservation System is a computerized reservation system which
enables agents to book flights, issue tickets, book car hire and book hotel
accommodation. It assists your travel business to grow by connecting the Amadeus GDS in the
global travel marketplace. Amadeus Central Reservations System (CRS) has the
potential to manage and control distributions, bookings and rates via a
comprehensive platform of capabilities.

Travelopro pre-integrated with Amadeus reservation system which accepts
to aggregate information about flight schedules, seat availability and ticket
prices from multiple airlines.

is Amadeus Computer Reservations System?

Amadeus is a outstanding reservations
system used by travel agents around the world. There are too many
added features in the system that makes it attractive to the Travel
Agents. Amadeus is the succeeder of the best GDS system
award by Travel Agents Association of India.

training is a hands-on training on computer and covers the following topics:

City & Airline encoding
& decoding

Currency codes and

Time & Calendar display

Airline schedule &
availability display

Passenger Name Record
(Reservation) creation.

Split PNR

Special service requests

Fare quotation

to use Amadeus Software?

Amadeus is an online tickets
reservation and distribution program that is based in Madrid, Spain but sells
airline tickets for several airlines around the world. You can also use Amadeus
software to booking tickets for other modes of transportation such as ferry and
train or Hotel Accommodation
reservation. The Amadeus program allows you to search its central database and
view reports about several companies to help you study your options for travel.

Amadeus Gds Fares &
Ticketing Course Content

Introduction to the Amadeus CRS service

Flight availability

Building a complete PNR and ending transaction

Flight sell, follow-up availability entries, frequent-flyer

Miscellaneous Amadeus functions

Changing and deleting PNR data

Entering fare elements, displays, notes


Return availability and SSR elements

What is Amadeus GDS Integration?

We have vocation in the integration of
Amadeus software and develop the best content and performance into a single
portal or website. Through the latest technology and languages, we establish
client-focused technology so that they can benefit. We actually aim to help
travel agents to increase their profits, sales revenue with a functional and
user-friendly software-based system.

We provide Amadeus GDS Integration which
surely simplify the travel solution companies with real-time availability,
ability to get connected to thousands of travel products through a centralized
data display. An Amadeus travel management software booking facilitates the
total global travel industry.

Amadeus GDS integration for Flight Booking System:

Amadeus provides an interactive reservation
(CRS) solution that helps Travel Agents in expanding their booking by
distributing airline and non-airline content to distribution channels.

It provides real-time data, accessing
real-time info about flight status and rates, makes online reservations easy!
Integrating Amadeus GDS (global distribution system) into your booking engine
or travel portal can provide more real-time data for online flight booking!

Our experts can create a platform that is
acceptable for all types of customers, from small-scale travel agents to
large-scale travel companies.

Advanced features of Flight Booking System:

way/return/multi-city search option

View hundreds of

Advanced filter

Get every detail
about the flights

Fare details

Baggage details

Scope for seat

Provision for
frequent flier

Check PNR status

PNR to actual
ticket generation

Key Topics –
Computerized reservation system(CRS)/GDS on Amadeus

Agent assembly areas


How to encode and decode airlines.

Checking of availability

PNR components- SSR, OSI, MEDA, MAAS, WCHR.

Fare finding-Lowest fare, multiple airline
fares, fare for a specific date & more

Creating of TST- Adult, Child & Infant

Issuance of E-ticket


Refund-full and partial

MPD-Standalone and Auxiliary

Managing airline Queues

is Amadeus Software Integration?

Travelopro is a outstanding software
company providing Amadeus Software and Amadeus GDS
integration services in travel website and agency travel reservation
system. Being a outstanding provider of travel API Integration, we clarify the
accommodation and travel search for the Indian travel and tourism industry.
Amadeus is a very famous name and most popular amongst the travel industry. The
highly integrated framework not only simplifies the reservation process for the
travel operators and tour agencies but also looks after providing 360-degree IT
solutions to the travel industry.

What is Amadeus API Integration Services?

Amadeus is a top travel technology company provides XML flight, hotel,
car bookings. In the past 30 years, Amadeus has grown with creative thinking
coupled with hard work. Now, we are coming up with Amadeus API Integration
Services for providing one place solution to airline booking, hotel Booking,
tour operators and other travel players to run their operations evenly all
across the globe. So, we invite our global customers to come and have a
discussion with us for your plans and we make sure to deliver the best Amadeus
GDS API Integration Services with better support & price.

What is Amadeus Airline Booking System Platform?

Our complete e-ticket
management package, apply a number of Amadeus’ value-adding services in a
single, concentrated platform.

Maximize revenue by
uncovering and getting new market opportunities as soon as possible.

Complete new e-ticket
interlining links and take advantage of our industry-outstanding e-ticketing

Remove the need for
passengers to queue at the airport to collect paper documents, giving a more
graceful travel experience for your travelers.

Features of Amadeus Airline Booking System:

Flight XML API Integration
(International & Domestic)

Agent Registration

Sale Report

My Booking

Add Fund / e-Wallets for
Travel Agent

SMS API Integration

Quick View Booking

Chat API Integration

Discount Coupons for agent
/ Client

Booking Management module

Special Offer / Deals

Trip Advisor plug in

Payment Gateway

Agent Login

Customer Login

Mark-up Management module

For more
details, please visit our website:

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GDS Flight Booking System
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GDS Flight Booking System
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