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Tour Booking Software

1 Views· 02/18/23
Austin billy
Austin billy
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⁣Tour Booking Software
- Global GDS

What is Tour Booking

Tour Booking Software is
the travel software which supports tour operators to keep track of tours
activity such as scheduling, itinerary, meals, booking and automate inventory.
It helps Travel Company to organize tours to handle customer information,
back-office activities, tour information, accounting, and report.

It simplifies the booking
process by providing worldwide customers with a comprehensive tour booking
engine which comes with tour quotation booking system to increase bookings and

Why is tour booking software

As a tour or attraction
operator, you already have a lot on your plate. If you’re trying to manually
handle your bookings, you probably don’t have much time left over to focus on
expansion opportunities. Booking software streamlines your reservation
activities, letting you to focus on other crucial tasks like marketing, hiring,
and more.

Here are three reasons why
tour booking software is important:

Your guests can book tours 24/7.

It helps you and your team stay organized.

You will drive more direct bookings.

How Tour Booking Software
help tour operators?

Tour Booking Software is
travelling software which is specially designed for tour operator to simply
handle their tour activity, booking and automate the inventory. It is
easy-to-use, multifaceted booking system specifically built for Travel Company
looking to provide their customers with a wide array of local tours, trips and
experiences in one location.

In this digital world,
travel booking has been growing from offline bookings to online bookings with a
single click button. Travelers want to book their tour online. For tour
operators to enhance their online presence in the travel world, Global GDS
leading travel technology company
provide the best tour booking software for tour operators which is fully tour
booking IT solution with tour quotation booking system. It helps tour operators
and travel agencies to efficient handle their tour business.

Why Use Tour Booking

Travel booking software is
a very important part of a travel business because it can develop marketing
efforts; consolidate data, increase bookings and increase efficiency.

Tour Booking Software is
simple integrated into the website and offers ease of booking. It also simple
manages back-office management and accounting. For the leading features and
functionality of tour booking software, travel arrangements for tourists can be
simple handled.

Grow your business and reach
more clients with the powerful travel technology company - Global GDS. Automate
reservations, inventory, and back-office management, develop marketing efforts
and collect data to drive growth.

The tourism industry has
made a significant jump to the internet over recent years. Today, most business
is directed online through travel websites, apps, and more. Customers use the
internet to find everything they require these days, including booking
reservations for tours and more. If your travel company doesn't have an online
booking system for tour operators on your travel or tour booking website,
you're most likely losing a ton of business.

Key Features of our Tour
Booking Software

Tour reservation management

Multi formatting reports

B2B travel portal for sub agents

Email notification alerts

Back-office system

Account & discounts management

Multi package booking

Scheduled and Series Tours

Benefits of tour package

A list of benefits you get
from Online Tour Package Software at your glance.

Manage business inventory

24/7 booking for clients

Decrease work load and efficiently save time

Provide best tour experience

Provide efficient services

Track sales record in real time

Yield high profit for tour operators

What is an online tour
booking system?

Customers in today's
high-tech world use the internet and their various devices to call home from
across the world. Communicating with family and friends through video chats and
on social media. They now have the ability to find almost anything they
required. Shopping, ordering groceries, and booking vacation destinations and
activities in just a few clicks.

The world has moved online
in a big way. By having a site that helps online tour booking you
open yourself to a host of new clients and opportunities. Allowing them to view
all you have to provide and to book right from their device be it a computer,
tablet, or cell phone offers the convenience that users prefer.

Online tour booking systems
are software that allows businesses to accept and handle online reservations.
By integrating an online tour booking and reservation system to your website
you give your clients the ability to view the services you provide, make a
reservation, and submit payment via a payment gateway. This can all be done
within a few minutes from any device with internet connection.

Tour Operator software

Tour Operator software is a
single integrated online travel booking engine,
that works both ways, first, supporting the tour operator to handle bookings
itineraries, adding travel solutions, on one hand. Second, it helps the
clients, search and book their need travel portal instantly without wasting any

The main reason a tour
operator, travel agency or destination management company requires a tour
operator software is that the system automates the complete tour cooking
process, helps in saving a lot of investment need in owning a physical office,
also enhances the online travel business by reaching out to clients all around
the world.

Global GDS establishes the
most highly rated travel booking software solutions for global travel agencies,
online travel agency portals, international transfer associations and much

What Are Tour Operator

Tour Operation System
is Application that allows user to
handle tour activity such as Booking, Appointment, Itinerary and much more.
Customer can plan their tour by their own Itinerary. Global GDS is a Tour
Booking Portal development company, which combines Online Flight Booking, Room
Booking and more. Our Tour booking software offers complete custom solution.

Tour Booking Software is an
interface for B2C clients for booking of different products like Flights,
Transport, Hotel. It is connected with several GDS’s and third-party suppliers
for getting global content. It has comprehensive booking process efficiency
from initiating booking inquiries to generating tickets and vouchers. Our
company offers the finest services in terms of Online Reservation Software.

How the travel agents and
tour operators are helped by the tour operator software?

Online booking facility is
offer by the tour operator software
that will help you expand your business faster and in a very simple and
effective manner. The CRM (customer relationship manager) software improves your
client service relationship and develops your client interaction and increases
the sales expansion of your business.

Back-office functionalities,
bookings, CRM, and accounting are the things operated by tour operator
software. Online booking will be done immediately and efficiently in this tour
operator software. Your opportunities will lighten up by the tour operator
software for increasing productivity, sales and the range of travel products is
simple and fast and also be extended in the future.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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