Learn to rectify QuickBooks not sending emails issue

But sometimes, the users have experienced their QuickBooks not sending emails which can be annoying while working on accounting software.

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Intuit designed QuickBooks as a bookkeeping software for small organizations. The software processes crucial financial data and lets the users share it through email securely. The users don’t need to use another application to share this data as it can be unsafe, and they can directly share the data using QuickBooks. But sometimes, the users have experienced their QuickBooks not sending emails which can be annoying while working on accounting software. If you are also dealing with the same issues in your emails, go through the blog till the end and find out the causes of this issue along with the methods to fix it.

Give a call at +1.800.417.5147 and reach a QB professional to fix this issue.

About the issue

You might have encountered this issue while sharing your forms(invoices, cash statements etc.) through emails in QuickBooks. The software fails in sending emails and may even crash afterward. This email issue mainly occurs due to misconfigured settings that result in a failure to send emails. The software fails to establish a connection with the Intuit servers due to restrictions of the Windows settings. You need to get rid of this issue from the software to start sending your business data directly through the emails in the software.


This issue while sending emails occurs due to the reasons mentioned below-

  • The Windows is using any other application than Outlook to share emails, which is unrecognizable for QuickBooks.
  • This issue can arise due to poor network connectivity in your area.
  • The Windows firewall has stopped QuickBooks from setting up a connection to the internet and also blocking some QB background processes.
  • The MAPI32.dll has incurred severe damage and is not in a condition to be supported by QuickBooks.

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The methods that can be used to rectify this issue from the software are provided below-

Solution 1- Set MS Outlook as the default app for sharing emails

QuickBooks works best with the default applications of Windows. Any third-party application not recognized by the software can cause compatibility issues that may affect the emails. To make sure you aren’t suffering because of this, set MS Outlook as a default app for sending emails by referring to the steps below-

  1. Go to the search panel and open Default Apps.
  2. Click on the option for Email and select MS Outlook/Mail as the default emailing application.
  3. Reopen your QuickBooks and try sending emails.

If the software fails to send an email, try the next method.

Solution 2- Repair the MAPI32.dll file in your hard drive

The MAPI32.dll file is a crucial file required for sending emails in Windows OS. Any issues with the file will not allow any email to be sent from your computer. This file is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Follow these steps to repair the file-

  1. Go to the System32 folder and use the search panel to find ‘Fixmapi.’
  2. Open the Fixmapi.exe application and follow the instructions to repair the file.
  3. After the file is entirely repaired, try sending an email from QuickBooks.

The emails will now be sent from your QuickBooks without any issues.


We are at the end of this blog that tried to explain why is your QuickBooks not sending emails and the possible methods you can use to fix this issue. We hope the blog was helpful and you were able to resolve the problem from QuickBooks.

A QB support team is always available at +1.800.417.5147 to assist you with any remaining doubts.

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