Want to get started with partnerships? Get the best practise here!
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Partnerships is an important sales channel as it acts as an extended sales organisation for your company. Get the insights to start working better with partnerships today!

3 best practice for getting started with partnerships in B2B Business

1. Someone needs to own the ball. This is super important!
2. Set up a strategy for your partnerships. No strategy - no action!
3.… View More

[Demo] Increase Your Sales Effectiveness With Sales Enablement and eSigning Inside Salesforce
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In this video you will learn how to increase your sales effectiveness by creating, sending, tracking and engaging your potential customer, right inside Salesforce, through the GetAccept integration.

Fore more info, visit View More

Sales Enablement & e-signing in Pipedrive with GetAccept
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Use GetAccept sales automation and e-signing directly inside Pipedrive. Read more and get the integration here:

* GetAccept Pipedrive Integration:
* Pipedrive marketplace: View More

Lime Go elektronisk signering med GetAccept
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Nästa generations dokumentspårning och elektronisk signering med smarta automatiserade flöden hjälper dig att stänga fler affärer snabbare. GetAccept integrerat i Lime Go gör det möjligt att skicka ut dokument får spårning och signering direkt från CRM systemet Lime Go. Med full funktionalitet och mallhantering direkt från Lime Go blir det enkelt för användaren att stänga affären… View More

How to leverage GetAccept & Pipedrive -  GetAccept Webinar (Highlights)
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Learn how to download the integration, merge Pipedrive data into a GetAccept template, take advantage of other GetAccept features, and much more!

Join VP of Sales and Growth at GetAccept - Dailius Wilson and Head of Customer Success Alan Sincich.

The webinar itself was much longer so we have condensed the content into an eight minute highlight package View More

GetAccept & Freshsales - E-signature, Quoting and Document Tracking in Freshsales
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The next generation document tracking and e-signature tool with smart sales automation will help you accelerate the sales process and close more deals directly from Freshsales. Track your documents, engage your buyers and close more deals.

Learn how to get e-signing, quote and document tracking setup inside Freshsales with this quick demo video! View More

What's the best thing about working at GetAccept?
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Listen to our employees give their take on the best things about working at GetAccept!
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GetAccept - YC W'16 Demo Day
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Best Y Combinator Demo Day Pitch Ever View More

Pipedrive document tracking & e-signatures by GetAccept
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The next generation document tracking and e-signature tool with smart sales automation will help you accelerate the sales process and close more deals directly from Pipedrive CRM. Track your documents, engage your buyers and close more deals View More

GetAccept - Close more deals
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GetAccept is the next generation sales tool helping sales reps to close more deals by gaining control of all their sales documents. Design, Track and Market your sales documents to push the deal closer a e-signed contract, all in one tool. View More

GetAccept Demo Video
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What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and How Does it Affect B2B Marketers?
854 Views · 2 years ago

Since going into effect on January 1st, 2020, there's been a lot of confusion around CCPA and what it means for marketers, their organizations, and more broadly, the future of marketing. 

That's why Mara McLean sat down with Brian Babcock, Cofoudner and CTO of Engagio, to dive deeper into CCPA and what it means for you. 

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. To ensure… View More

How Should Sales Reps Be Approaching ABM?  |  Nick Leader of Engagio
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Now that Sales and Marketing have breaking down the barriers and aligning with one another, organizations with ABM in place are seeing tremendous success. At Engagio, we've been putting out a lot of content to help marketers execute their day-to-day activities in an account-based world.
However, we haven't talked as much about how sales reps should be approaching ABM. That's… View More

Creating MQA Alerts in Salesforce
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Watch this brief tutorial to learn how to setup up Engagio Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) alerts in Salesforce. View More

Summer Series Session 1: Turn the Ship Around with David Marquet
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Imagine a workplace where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work, a place where everyone is a leader.

Join David Marquet, Retired US Nuclear Submarine Captain, and author of Turn The Ship Around, in this presentation as he reveals his battle-tested plan for empowering… View More

What Role Does Marketing Play Post-Sale?
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Software is eating the world, and subscriptions are eating software.

In software businesses, a lot of your revenue come post-sale.

This means marketers must fundamentally change how they're thinking about their role and how they help bring in revenue.

Brandon Redlinger sat down with Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio to chat about this.

Jon explains how marketers… View More

Engagio ABM Workshop (Complete)
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Engagio Thought Leaders Series: Featuring insights from The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing View More

Engagio's Leading Account-Based Marketing Platform
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Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement Software helps companies to combine the best of account-based marketing and lead-based marketing and empower their marketers and sellers to work as a team.

Engagio's full product suite consists of:

Engagio Foundation: Unify fragmented data from marketing and sales systems to create a single view of your account, people, and activity… View More

ABM Analytics Breakdown Session #1: AMB Measurement: The New Metrics for Account-Based Strategies
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Measurement and metrics are critical in any facet of marketing, and Account Based Marketing is no different. However, traditional demand generation metrics aren’t enough. The rise of Account Based Marketing demands new ways of measuring and analyzing your marketing programs. While leads-based are important metrics, they are not sufficient to measure account-based strategies.

In this… View More


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Brandon Redlinger sat down with Go Nimbly's CEO Jason Reichl to chat about the relationship between RevOps and ABM. View More

Maneeza Aminy's Predictions About the Future of B2B Marketing
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Thanks for watching! If you want to learn more, visit Engagio's site about the future of marketing: View More

3 Cool Ways to Use Scout in 3 Minutes
808 Views · 2 years ago

Engagio Scout is an all-in-one Chrome Extension for B2B Marketers, Sales Reps and Customer Success Managers. Teams doing Account Based Market now have intelligence, visibility and the power to create and measure engagement at high-value accounts. It's highly convenient and can be accessed in Salesforce, Linkedin, Gmail and everywhere else you are on the web.

Engagio Scout will:… View More

Engagio ABM Workshop: Scott Fehr - ABM Metrics in Action: Engagio Demo
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Scott Fehr, Engagio: ABM Metrics in Action: Engagio Demo

From the Engagio Thought Leaders Series: Featuring insights from The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing View More

What Works Now: Data & Empathy
827 Views · 2 years ago

Episode 1: Data and Empathy: Sales Reps' Advice on Engaging Buyers in Uncertain Times

Hear from Georgie Whitehurst of Bombora and Brett Samurin of Engagio, two account executives who know a thing or two about how to make the number in good times and bad. They’ll share their best advice for how to take some of the fear out of prospecting and customer engagement.

You’ll… View More

Gap Selling  with Keenan  |  Engagio
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There is one fundamental thing in sales and marketing that, if you understand this, it makes everything else easier. And it's this:

Start by fully understanding the current state of things. Where is your prospect right now? What's their situation?

And then move to understand where do they want to go? What is the future state, where's their end goal?

And… View More

The Secret Sauce for Outbound Marketing
1,008 Views · 2 years ago

The Secret Sauce for Outbound Marketing
Jon Miller, CEO, Engagio
at Marketo Summit 2016, Las Vegas, NV

Sometimes, you can't wait around for the right people from the right accounts to swim into your demand generation net – you need to reach out to these "big fish" directly. When you need more than Inbound, learn the new secret sauce for combining outbound… View More

What is intent data and why is it important?
452 Views · 2 years ago

Brandon Redlinger, Director of Growth at Engagio, sat down with Matt Amundson, VP of Marketing at EverString, and asked him "What is intent data and why is it important?" View More

Account Based Marketing 101: How to Get Started & Succeed  |  Engagio
434 Views · 2 years ago

ABM is hot, but there's a lot of noise right now. How do you break through to really understand what ABM is all about, and get started?

Join Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio (previous co-Founder of Marketo), in this presentation to understand:

–What works (and doesn't) in ABM
–The new metrics to use in an ABM strategy
–The first things you need to do to get… View More

The Big Five Metrics for Account Based Marketing
892 Views · 2 years ago

One of the greatest questions on the mind of account-based marketers is “How do I measure the results of my ABM campaigns?” This presentation from #FlipMyFunnel in SF shows why traditional marketing metrics aren’t sufficient for ABM, and gives step-by-step instructions for how to track and report on the metrics that will make Sales take notice.

If you are running Account Based… View More

The Leading Account-Based Marketing Platform | Engagio
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Engagio is the #1 Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Platform worldwide, according to independent analyst Research in Action. Founded in 2015 by the experts that built Marketo, Engagio helps teams target the right accounts, orchestrate multi-channel interactions and measure what’s working. Backed by leading venture investors and headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., Engagio is trusted by more than 240… View More

What Does It Take To Be A Great Enterprise Sales Rep?
829 Views · 2 years ago

Enterprise deals are much much different than SMB or mid-market deals. You have long sales cycles, multiple people involved, and much more complexity.

That's why I asked Steli Efti, founder of Close, to explain what he thinks makes a great enterprise sales rep. Steli is a wealth of knowledge, so you're definitely going to want to hear what he has to say.

Here's… View More

The Rise of Account Based Sales Development
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Sales Development is a tough job, and it’s only getting tougher as buying teams are becoming more complex, prospecting channels are exploding and over automation and “robo spam” is driving people to ignore your messages. The answer to these challenges and more is Account Based Sales Development. ABSD is the engine of a kind of hyper-growth that very few companies have ever experienced but… View More

Engagio's Account Based Marketing Platform
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Engagio’s Account Based Platform enables B2B marketers to successfully execute and measure account-centric programs. With our products, revenue teams can track which accounts are engaging, know where to focus time and resources, and have a shared understanding of program impact.

The platform is flexible to grow with you as your ABM strategy and business needs evolve. View More

Account Based Marketing and Sales Development — Aligned - Jon Miller
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Download Engagio's Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing at

Learn more about Engagio at View More

Engagio Entrance Wall Logo
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Engagio entrance wall logo stencil process.

Music: Perfume - STORY View More

Engagio | Marketing Orchestration Software
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Land and expand high-value accounts, at scale.

Engagio's software helps marketers doing Account Based Marketing create and measure engagement, all in one tool.

See Engagio in action, visit


Learn more about Engagio at… View More

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