Web Forms Overview | Freshsales CRM
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Web Forms help you to automatically capture high intent leads into your CRM. The instant there is a web signup, a new lead is created or existing lead is updated in Freshsales. You can also automatically track how these leads engage on your website to understand their needs better. Try Web Forms for free View More

Freddy for Freshsales - Deal Insights
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Meet Freddy. Your AI-powered sales assistant from Freshsales.

Freddy analyzes and learns from historical sales data, activities, and engagement to deliver deal insights. By offering predictions of likelihood of success and recommendations on actions to take, Freddy’s deal insights help sales reps make better decisions and close more deals. Prioritize, manage and close deals faster with… View More

How to Manage Deals? | Deal Management | Freshsales CRM Software
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Check out How Freshsales CRM helps to manage your deals without any hassle | For more details check : View More

Anthony Iannarino: The 10 commitments that drive sales
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As part of the Freshsales CRM Webinar Series, we hosted Anthony Iannarino (International speaker, author, and sales leader) for a webinar on “The lost art of closing” on October 16, 2018.

For decades, sales managers, coaches, and authors talked about closing as the most essential, most difficult phase of selling. They invented pushy tricks for the final ask, from the “take… View More

How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn
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In the age of social media, leveraging a professional network like LinkedIn to drive sales is becoming increasingly important. Utilizing LinkedIn allows you to find and connect with prospects, engage with them and share your content better. In this video, Jake Jorgovan, Founder - Lead Cookie shows you the blueprint to generate leads using LinkedIn.

This video is brought to you by… View More

How to create Sales Campaigns | Freshsales CRM
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This video explains what is Sales Campaigns in Freshsales and how to create different types of campaigns.

Sales Campaigns lets you create, automate and track effective outbound campaigns right from the CRM

Read more here: View More

Why we built Freshsales - The Inside Story
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Freshdesk introduces Freshsales, a full-fledged CRM for high velocity sales teams that gives you everything you need in a CRM and so much more!

Visit - View More

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dux Soup
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If you're a salesperson, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a godsend. It simplifies the process of finding, contacting, and staying up to date with prospects and customers. Dux-Soup is the ultimate lead generation tool for LinkedIn that automate profile visits on LinkedIn to increase your chances of finding great prospects. In this video, Jake Jorgovan, Founder - Lead Cookie shows you how to… View More

Freshsales Explained in Under 7 Minutes
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Freshsales delivers a 360-degree sales solution in one platform, so you can — Attract the right leads for your business, Engage through multiple touchpoints, Close deals faster, and Nurture valuable relationships.

Start your 21-day trial of Freshsales CRM today: View More

What are leads, contacts, accounts, and deals in Freshsales CRM?
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Are you new to Freshsales CRM?

Get a glimpse of how Freshsales CRM works. Learn what are leads, contacts, accounts, and deals and how their usage can help manage prospects and improve sales- all this by means of a story.

This video brings to you the story of John, a sales development representative (SDR). The video shows how John’s usage of Freshsales CRM helps him manage… View More

How to Optimize Ad Spend on Amazon
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Learn four fundamental ways to make your ad spend more effective on Amazon. Don’t neglect basics that can impact search rank and conversion rate, and ultimately lower their ad rates. Salsify Co-founder Rob Gonzalez shares insights from leading brands. More info View More

The First Mover Advantage in Industrial Supply - At the Whiteboard
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What are the first mover advantages of going digital in the industrial supply sector? Watch this video to understand how brands in the industrial supply sector can utilize a first mover advantage to drive their brand's success. View More

Salsify for Social Commerce
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Sell on Instagram, Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, and More
Expand your brand presence and build emotional connections with shoppers.

Experiment with direct selling on social channels to win buyers where they are spending their time without sacrificing investment in your known channels.

Activate product content across each social media platform and unite marketing,… View More

Interview with Mark Sutherland | B2B Digital Transformation Expert
705 Views · 2 years ago

We spoke live with Mark Sutherland, a UK-based digital transformation expert that focuses on helping B2B branded manufacturers and distributors leap into e-commerce. In this episode, we cover how COVID is impacting traditional business models, what manufacturers and distributors need to do to differentiate, and how budgets are shifting to e-commerce in the current environment.

Digital… View More

Fast Data Management | Salsify
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To meet data and customer experience demands on existing and new channels, your processes and systems must be flexible, agile, and rapidly adaptable. Learn more: View More

How 3 Leading Brands Stand Out With Salsify Enhanced Content
627 Views · 2 years ago

Salsify can help brands quickly create and syndicate enhanced content across their entire product catalog at scale. Learn how Chicco, Clif Bar, and Libbey leverage the many capabilities of enhanced content, such as engaging images, videos, comparison charts, and more to stand out on the digital shelf. View More

Salsify Acquires B2X Partners Advisory Firm
204 Views · 2 years ago

Justin King, founder and president of B2X Partners, also joins Salsify as the new vice president of B2B strategy. Learn more: View More

We Are Shopping | Salsify
119 Views · 2 years ago

New channels. New retailer and distributor requirements. New consumer and buyer behaviors.

To win in this new world, you must take control of your digital shelf.

Learn more: View More

Panic Buying & COVID-19 | How Ecommerce Leaders are Responding
798 Views · 2 years ago

We chatted with Joanne Greenfield of Hero Group and Martyn Blakeley of Glaxo-Smith Kline, to get their initial reaction to how COVID-19 was impacting their e-commerce operations and how their teams were responding. We also discussed what brands are doing to counter the impact of Amazon pausing shipments of non-essential products and how they were handling exceptions.

Digital Shelf Cafe is… View More

How Salsify PXM Helps Brands Win
956 Views · 2 years ago

Today's shoppers decide whether or not to buy your brand in a matter of seconds. Product pages must provide compelling descriptions, images, videos, customer reviews, and availability and shipping information. It's more important than ever for your content and information to be in one place. Salsify's Product Experience Management (PXM) platform enables brands to deliver the right… View More

The Importance of Continual Optimization on the Digital Shelf
995 Views · 2 years ago

Speed is everything on the digital shelf. With private labels from Amazon and digital upstarts launching daily with faster time-to-market strategies, traditional brands are losing market share they once easily captured. Brands deeming this an operational efficiency challenge, rather than the new reality of commerce will continue to see market share shrink as reducing time-to-market often means… View More

Let's Stop Toll Roads | At the Whiteboard
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Many brands spend upwards of $100K to simply send product content to retailers because of outdated, exclusive agreements. In order to thrive on the digital shelf, your team must stop spending money that can’t be tied back to business outcomes. Learn more at View More

Tecnica Group -  Driving a unique customer experience through content with Salsify
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Tecnica Group drives a unique customer experience with Salsify. View More

Winning the Grocery Shopper | Salsify
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Visit to learn more or request a demo today. View More

How to Build Trust on the Digital Shelf
815 Views · 2 years ago

The overwhelming majority of shoppers (80%) will pay more for a product that comes from a brand they trust, according to the Salsify 2020 Consumer Research report. Brands must take advantage of this incredible opportunity by meeting and exceeding consumer expectations. Learn how to build trust on the digital shelf.

Read the report: View More

Ecommerce Experiences That Make Shoppers Click 'Buy'
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Customers increasingly demand engaging product experiences when shopping online, and brands must find innovative ways to engage them. Here are three brands that are leading the way with a variety of new technologies that reshape how brands can connect with shoppers.

Learn more: View More

Target Selects Salsify as a Preferred Rich Media Partner
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Target has selected Salsify as a preferred partner for rich media. Learn more: View More

Enhanced Content from Salsify
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Combining graphics, video, 360 spins and comparison charts increases conversion rate by 10% in most categories and delivers the shopping experience consumers demand across the digital shelf.

Learn more: View More

Is Your Data Fast Enough for Ecommerce? - At the Whiteboard
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Already have a system to manage your data? Using your current PIM or ERP system can be great for managing static product information, or "slow data." But what systems are best for the data required to win at ecommerce? Learn more at View More

GDSN 101 | Salsify
911 Views · 2 years ago

GDSN is built on a powerful vision. But the existing data pool vendors have created a system where GDSN is complicated, expensive, slow, and ineffective for the digital shelf. Online and offline commerce has not yet been unified through GDSN. This is why Salsify has invested in building and certifying a Salsify-native GDSN data pool.

Learn more: View More

How Mars Uses Salsify to Power Its Ecommerce Strategy
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Learn how Mars consolidated its data to fuel the digital shelf with Salsify: View More

Ecommerce is a Team Sport  At the whiteboard
542 Views · 2 years ago

In the age of the digital consumer, brand manufacturers need their teams to work in close coordination to achieve success across the ecommerce ecosystem. But what’s the best way forward? Our co-founder Rob Gonzalez runs through how R&D, Brand, Trade and Supply Chain teams must operate closer than in this At White Board session. View More

Badger Basket: Small Team, Big Impact | Salsify
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Learn more about how Badger Basket punches way above their weight class on key channels such as Walmart, Amazon, and Wayfair: View More

At the Whiteboard: Internal vs External Workflows
147 Views · 2 years ago

Rob Gonzalez, co-founder of Salsify, explains the two types of a workflows an organization needs to excel on the digital shelf. Learn more: View More

How Rubbermaid Transformed Its Digital Data in 30 Days
507 Views · 2 years ago

Learn more about how Rubbermaid is deploying a modern website with a single source of truth for industrial products: View More

How To Connect with Prospects Using Leadfeeder (3/3)
920 Views · 2 years ago

This short video (3/3—the last in a 3-part series) shows you in less than 3-minutes how to use LinkedIn and the Leadfeeder Contacts Feature. Now, you can successfully Identify, qualify and connect with engaging website visitors so you can turn every interesting company that visits your site into a customer. View More

New CRM Integration Tabs
986 Views · 2 years ago

We added new tabs for CRM activities View More

WeBrand Marketing Agency, Inland Valley, California
343 Views · 2 years ago

One of our longtime customers—the founder of WeBrand, a digital marketing agency in Southern California—shares his winning experiences using Leadfeeder for his clients lead-generation and website visitor tracking efforts. He also shares why he uses the solution and why he would recommend it to anyone requiring greater insights into who's visiting their website. View More

How to Qualify Your Leadfeeder Leads (2/3 with Captions)
187 Views · 2 years ago

In this short video, (2/3 with captions) you'll learn all about the benefits of integrating your CRM with Leadfeeder. This is the second of a three-part series that will help guide you on how to make the perfect sales pipeline process between Leadfeeder and your fave tools. View More

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