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Mobilesentrix 16 Jun 2021

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Holiday 2020 Thank You  - CEO Simon Glass
30 Dec 2020
Holiday 2020 Thank You - CEO Simon Glass · 637 Views

NEW CASPER Silicone, UV Tempered Glass, and UV Box!

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⁣CASPER Silicone is the next-gen of tempered glass. It
extends out to the edges adding a nice silicone protection layer around the
device. This silicone extends beyond the curvature of the glass to protect
against impact. CASPER Silicone is ready to help against any impact.

• CASPER UV tempered glass comes as a solution to the
industry after carefully reviewing the current products in the market. It
revolutionizes the main three issues with the existing products.

CURVATURE - No existing tempered glass is as strong, flexible, and it can
adhere to a curved screen as Casper UV.

2. A premium UV
adhesive and well-thought dispenser. - Forget the old-time dispenser; we have improved
to have a well-sealed lid for an easy to dispense experience. Oh, and did we
mention the premium glue inside the magic new bottle? You will absolutely love

• CASPER UV tempered glass and Casper UV Box is the new and
improved technology in the screen protection industry. It achieves total
adhesion and prolonged strength.

Casper UV Box - We have created a UV box exclusively
designed to install UV tempered glass perfectly. Casper UV box is the perfect
size for most phones, with UV LEDs aligned to reach the device surface
perfectly with a calculated timer for best results.

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About Mobilesentrix

Mobilesentrix is wholesale Supplier of Cell Phone Parts, Macbook Parts, Game Console Parts since 2012. We have huge collection of Mobile Phone Replacement Parts and Accessories. Here you can find any mobile phone parts for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft Surface, LG, Nokia and more. We are also providing Repair tool kit and Board Components for Phone Repairing shop. We are specialized in OLED / LCD Screen Replacement, all Screen comes with Life time warranty. All Parts made from best quality material and we are tested each and every part before shipping. We’re happy to provide a variety of payment options to make shopping with us as easy as could be. Our LCD Buyback Program is one of the most successful features for those people who want to earn money from broken LCD Screen. Order over $450 and enjoy our free shipping service. For more information visit our site.

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Up next

Holiday 2020 Thank You  - CEO Simon Glass
30 Dec 2020
Holiday 2020 Thank You - CEO Simon Glass · 637 Views