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Sales Process: Handoff from SDR to AE - Aaron Ross

787 Views· 07/29/20
3 Subscribers
In Sales

Handoff Process: SDRs to AEs

Are your sales reps doing everything from the start all the way to closing a deal?

How does that affect the sales process and the relationship with the customer?

Are you sacrificing good service through every step of the sale by having a single point of contact?

Would a simple hand-off process make a difference throughout the buyer journey?

If yes, when is the right time to do make the handoff so that the transition is smooth?

Sales expert Aaron Ross talks about why the Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to Account Executives (AE) handoff is KEY to the success of your sales process and how it contributes to the success of your organization.

He discusses the essentials of a simple handoff process and how that will lead to better customer service and hightened customer satisfaction.

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