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robert 22 Mar 2021

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New Features in QuickBooks Online Advanced 2021
Dancing Numbers · 3 Views

Miro Walkthrough: All Functions and Features

Is this your company's video?

Miro is a powerful online whiteboard and collaboration tool great for live events and offline projects. This walkthrough explores (almost) all the features and functions. See the detailed time stamps below.

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⁣0:00 Intro and preview
1:47 Navigating
1:47 Mouse vs. trackpad (Settings menu)
2:32 Trackpad functions
3:02 Select button (Left side menu)
3:22 Map (right bottom menu)
4:22 Deleting, Undo, and Redo

4:55 Left side menu: basic functions and features
5:02 Grid lines on/off (right mouse menu)
5:20 Templates menu
6:25 Text: Typing
6:37 Copy and paste items (Cntl-C and Cntl-V)
6:57 Text: Formatting options
7:59 Hyperlinks (add URLs to text)
8:30 Locking items
9:08 Right mouse menu options
9:30 Sticky notes
10:55 Shapes
12:30 Connecting lines and arrows
14:37 Pen: drawing
16:00 Pen: highlighting
16:11 Pen: smart drawing
16:57 Pen: eraser
17:17 Pen: lasso (grouping items with pen)
18:13 Frames
19:30 Frames: Saving and exporting
20:32 Comments
21:24 Uploading (files, images, etc.)
23:00 Google Images tool
23:32 Iconfinder
24:35 Positing items front or back (right mouse menu)
25:20 iFrame codes
26:10 YouTube links (embedding and linking)
27:20 PDFs (embedding)
28:30 Webpage Capture
29:20 Cards
30:15 Left side menu: review

30:55 Tips for creating your own templates
31:32 Building your own templates
34:32 Copying, pasting, and duplicating your templates
37:49 Locking and copying items within templates

43:15 Tips to use before sharing Miro boards with others
43:32 Covering and locking areas
44:07 Directing participants with arrows
44:31 Linking to other areas of Miro (option 1)
46:08 Linking to other areas of Miro (option 2 using text box)

48:44 Sharing options (Miro board link for others)
50:42 Setting a starting view
51:32 Viewing participant cursors
52:07 Hiding participant cursors
52:17 Monitoring participant activity
52:57 Navigating participants
53:10 Bringing participants to host screen
54:52 Bottom left menu
55:04 Frames navigation tool
55:18 Presentation tool (uses Frames)
55:26 Comments navigation tool
55:36 Chat function
56:12 Card navigation
56:20 Screen share function
56:56 Video chat (and audio chat)
58:56 Voting
59:71 Timer
1:00:19 Activity list

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New Features in QuickBooks Online Advanced 2021
Dancing Numbers · 3 Views