19 Jan 2021

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Introduction to PostgreSQL - Overview - PostgreSQL Tutorial

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An overview of the features and functions of #PostgreSQL, along with a discussion about why you might choose to use it over another #database, PostgreSQL Tutorial.

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What is PostgreSQL?

#PostgreSQL is a general-purpose object-relational #database management system.

-add customs functions developed using different programming languages such as c/c++, Java, etc.

-PostgreSQL is designed to be extensible.

Define your own data types, index types, functional languages, etc.
Develop a custom plugin to enhance any part of the system to meet your requirements

PostgreSQL is #OpenSource
Is 100% free and open source software. Licensed under the PostgreSQL License.

Based on #Postgres 4.2, developed at University of California, Berkeley Computer Science Department.

In use at Apple, Fujitsu, Red Hat, Cisco, Juniper Network and many more companies and organizations.

PostgreSQL vs MySQL

Security in PostgreSQL: Use roles and inherited Roles to set and maintain permissions. ative SSL Support for connections to encrypt client/server communication. Se-PostgreSQl provides additional access controls based on security enhanced linux policy.

Security in MySQL: Uses Access Control Lists (acls) for connections, queries and other operations. Support For SSL encrypted connections between client and server.

JSON/noSQL Support in PostgreSQL: Supports Json and other NoSQL features like native XML support and key-value pairs with HSTORE. Supports indexing JSON data for faster access.
JSON/noSQL Support in MySQL: Support JSON, No indexing for JSON Data.

Materialized Veiws in PostgreSQL: Supported.
Materialized Veiws in MySQL: not supported.

Geospatial Data in PostgreSQL: Supported via the #PostGIS extension. Dedicated types and functions exist for geospatial data.

Geospatial Data in MySQL: Supported

Programming languages in PostgreSQL: Supports a wide variety of programing languages including c/c++, Java, JavaScript, .Net, R, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, and others. Supports running user-supplied code in separate processes as background workers.

Programming languages in MySQL: Support for server side, programming in a single language.

Extensibillity in PostgreSQL: Supports addition of new types, functions, index types, etc.

Extensibillity in MySQL: No support for extensibillity.

Why Choose PostgreSQL?

Desire to do development on an open source platform but port production to oracle.
PostgreSQl is more compliant with Oracle Standards
PostgreSQL is fully Acid compliant.
Requirement for custom features.
Need for high concurrency without read locks thanks to the implementation of Multiversion Concurrency control (MVCC).
Desire to "build your own Box".

Percona Adds Support for PostgreSQL:
-Extends Percona's enterprise-grade #Database support expertise to PostgreSQL.
-Provides a single enterprise-grade vendor for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.
-Resolve issues faster, reduce costs.
-Focus on your business, not your Database.
-On-premise or in the cloud.

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25 Aug 2021
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