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Hotel Extranet System

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Arya Varta
Arya Varta

⁣Hotel Extranet System
acts as one single application that allows travel agents to upload their own
contracted hotels (suppliers) and offer them access to their online system so
they can input their own hotel data (description, allotments, rates, special
offers, restrictions).

Travelopro is improved for
seamless online reservations, communication for the reservations booking
business. The hoteliers can configure their business and handle their complete
inventory in the CRS. It permits setting up rooms, property facilities, etc.

What Is a Hotel Extranet

The hotel extranet stands
for the Hotel Central Reservation network and is used by resorts, lodges, and
hotels to give premium service to customers. It allows clients to receive all
the necessary details on accommodation, prices, exclusive gifts and photos
uploaded by the hotel agency to prove their authenticity.

Travelopro gives Hotel Extranet Solutions
where hoteliers get registered and track their room inventory, real-time
availability, and costing. Hotel Extranet provides hoteliers with contact with
the exclusive username and password management.

How Does the Hotel Booking
Extranet System Work?

The Hotel Extranet System is
also known as hotel CRS. It consists of a centralized reservation system
commonly operated by hotels and accommodation providers. The system allows you
to take a complete management of your hotel inventory and pricing structures
and take benefits of the strong sales and distribution channels across your

Our Hotel Extranet System
gives the opportunity to secure further reservations and enhance the hotel’s
occupancy rate by giving you the ability to broaden your market reach and
engage more customers. Our Hotel Extranet gives several distribution channels
to control your own inventory from your direct contracts with hotels. It
includes online distribution / overall information for resorts, hotels, etc.

Travelopro is an interface
that permits travel agents to include their business partners, including hotels
and accommodation suppliers, to facilitate their connection to the online
reservation system to upload, insert and simply edit their hotel description,
room accessibility, rates, updates, a view, confirmed reservations, exclusive
gives and more.

Why Travelopro Hotel
Extranet System?

User Management.

Reservations Management.

100% Mobile Responsive and Attractive website

Get your hotel Extranet System up and running
in a just 4-6 working day.

Get your website designed for free.

Get all your hotel list under one window.

Not only technology. We also help in
increasing your business opportunities.

How Hotel Extranet
beneficial for hotel business?

All hotels listed in one single window.

Easy to set allocation and special deal

Easy to seasonal special deal

Brilliant user management

Best Hotel Reservation System

Responsive Design

24/7 Customer Support

Why Choose Travelopro for
your hotel extranet system?

Travelopro Hotel Extranet
helps in generating fresh daily reports of the bookings, reservation details
report, billing details report, a detailed copy of the cancellation,
availability in the inventory & reports of separate nationality rate

With Travelopro hotel extranet,
you can simply increase productivity and also increase client loyalty. When, as
an accommodation provider, you are giving a last-minute booking, many clients
can become stress-free. Moreover, those who have enjoyed the services of the
Travelopro development agency have been successful in all the earnings of their

How Hotel Extranet System

The Hotel Extranet system is
an exceptional tool for travel companies that associate them with endless
renowned hotels. Providing travel agencies an option to choose the best hotels
and connect with their managers supports our clients developing their business.
The goal is to get the pricing of various hotels and help the end-user to book
at the best price.

A travel company that wants
to add inventory of a particular hotel can connect its manager directly. What
can be better than this is if you get as much adjustable using single
integration into hotel booking software.
Not only travel agencies but also hotels get benefits from this centralized
hotel reservation system.

Further, secured access
eliminates the possibility of a data hack. By logging in, hotels can add or
remove images, rates, room availability, destinations, video, and much more to
the booking system. As both parties get access to the system, it does not put
the burden on one another. The hotel extranet system always offers something.
Hotel managers may change the number of properties as per their requirements.
On the other hand, travel agencies grab the best deals from hotels and come out
with excellent travel packages for their clients.

Why Choose Travelopro for
Hotel Extranet System Integration?

Travelopro is one of the best Hotel Extranet integration
service providers. As such, it is a matter of pride for us to expand and
deliver the best possible systems to our esteemed guests. When you choose to
work with us, you are choosing to work with experienced developers who have
been working in the travel tech industry for years.

With us, you gain a
connection to their incredible expertise in the Hotel Extranet booking system.
As a result, you can leverage the best skills and experience in getting a
robust solution for your specific requirements.

At Travelopro, we understand
how important it is to stay ahead of the curve, especially in an industry like
travel and tourism. That is why we strive to deliver the best solutions in the
shortest possible time. After all, your business shouldn’t require you to wait
to give amazing services to your clients. In fact, by working with us, you
provide that you deliver a comprehensive hotel reservation service extranet to
your guests through an impressive and intuitive interface, among other things.

Hotel Extranet System

Hotel Extranet is where
Hotels will oversee distinctive appropriation channels. The site will implement
properties to offer booking of the rooms with breakthrough rates and stock. It
works like a free online hotel booking

A hotel extranet framework
as a device is utilized to achieve the worldwide conveyance framework or GDS
alongside a web appropriation framework from a solitary point framework. Hotel
directors utilize this apparatus to deal with their online deals and promote
roads. They likewise venture their rates and accessibility, which are
effortlessly visible on the business channel.

Hotel Extranet assumes a
vital part, or we can consider as a heart of the framework from this board
every Hotel can deal with their room stock, accessibility, and cost which
customer can see as a pursuit result.

Features Offered for Hotel
Extranet System

Fast and Flexible Booking Engine

Real Time Availability and Pricing Management

Additional Special Offers Management

Markup & Discount Management

Instant and On Request Booking

Easy Booking and Cancellations

B2B/B2C Sales Channels

Print/Email Invoices & Vouchers

Multilingual and Multi Currency Support

Value Added Services

Extensive Merchandising Capabilities

Robust Tracking and Reporting

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

Benefits of Hotel Extranet

Fully Customized

Increased Productivity

Reduced Margin of Error

Real Time Updates

Identify Loyal Customers

Timely and Accurate Information

Increase Accuracy of System

Build Customer Loyalty

SEO Friendly

Social Media Integration

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our website:

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