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Dynamic Packaging Software

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⁣What is dynamic packaging in travel and

packaging in
travel and tourism refers to the process of developing customized travel
packages by combining various travel components, such as flights,
accommodations, transfers, and activities, into a single itinerary. BookingXML
enables travelers to tailor their travel plans to their desires and needs.

Traditionally, travel packages were
pre-designed and offered as fixed itineraries by tour operators or travel
agents. However, with dynamic packaging, travelers have more flexibility and
control over their travel plans. They can choose different components from
various suppliers and create their unique packages.

Dynamic packaging involves the use of
technology and online booking platforms that provide
real-time access to a wide range of travel inventory. These systems collect and
combine data from multiple suppliers, including airlines, hotels, car rental
companies, and activity providers.

Why embracing dynamic packaging will be a win
for the travel business?

Today’s consumers prefer personalized holiday
packages that
consider their preferred travel dates, location, family/ group size, budget,
and other requirements, such as insurance, checked baggage, etc.

This is where dynamic packaging comes into
play. Dynamic packaging is a relatively new way of travel reservations that is
becoming a more prominent feature in today's advanced booking systems.
Combining airline reservations with a hotel, cruise, or tour has evolved as a
major revenue source for anyone selling travel today. This extends the approach
from selling a flight to selling the complete vacation experience.

For certain travel markets such as cruise and
tour operations, dynamic packaging is vital to provide a streamlined and
complete itinerary. Creating a dynamic package is also essential for the
millennial traveller who wants customized experiences. It is especially popular
among customers who are cost conscious, as they can eliminate aspects of the
trip that doesn’t fit their budget.

Who can benefit from implementing a dynamic
packaging engine?

Several entities in the travel and tourism
industry can benefit from implementing a dynamic packaging engine. Here are
several examples:

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Tour Operators

Travel Management Companies (TMCs)


Hotel Chains

Destination Management Companies (DMCs)

How dynamic packaging helps travelers?

Customers have more options and flexibility
when it comes to tour packages. Notably,
travelers can select their departure date, pickup location, destinations, and
more. Having these many options is especially vital if you want to serve a
diverse range of customers.

Some travelers, for example, might want to
travel first class and spend their holiday or work trip in a single place.
Others, on the other hand, may opt for less expensive flights to spend on
accommodation, food, and local sightseeing. Using a dynamic packaging solution,
you can satisfy all these customers.

Why choose BookingXML for Dynamic Packaging

BookingXML is an award-winning travel portal development company that
provides dynamic packaging systems to worldwide travel management companies.
Our dynamic packaging software makes it easier to combine multiple travel
products from a unified dashboard, in real-time.

BookingXML serves travel agencies, tour
operators, and wholesalers by combining flights, hotels, transfers, and
activities into customized packages. The system offers real-time availability,
pricing management, and integration with multiple suppliers.

BookingXML is designed with advanced
functionality such as itinerary creation, package customization, inventory
& booking management, quotation management, markup management, payment
integration, multi-language, multi-currency, and third-party supplier
integration to gather the best travel inventory from global travel suppliers
for hotels, flights, tours, and transfers and dynamically combine them into a
single package based on customer requirements.

We offer dynamic packages with hotel flight
and implement a different markup for each product (hotel or flight) depending
on how you sell it (individual or as a package). Our dynamic packaging software streamlines
processes, lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Our effective, dynamic
packaging software has been fully equipped so that you can provide users with a
detailed choice assisting them to source their perfect holiday package.

Key Benefits of Dynamic Packaging Software:

Customer Satisfaction Increased

Customization and Personalization


Competitive Advantage

Revenue Generation

Improved operational efficiency

Increased Cross-Selling and Upselling Possibilities

Data Insights and Personalization

Streamlined Booking Process

Increased Revenue Potential

Inventory Optimization

Key features of Dynamic Packaging Software:

Component Selection

Real-time Availability and Pricing

Customization Options

Pricing and Discount Management

Itinerary & Packaging

Booking and Reservation Management

Inventory Management

Reporting and Analytics

Integration with Multiple Suppliers

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