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Building an Outbound Sales Team (in 2019) - Aaron Ross | Predictable Revenue

448 Views· 07/29/20
3 Subscribers
In Sales

It's 2019, and the importance of an effective Outbound Sales team can't be stressed enough!

If you are a growth company or want to be, at some point you have to have your own internal outbound sales team.

Developing a strong outbound sales team can be a powerful way to grow your business.

But how long do you wait before building the outbound team?

Aaron Ross talks about why and more importantly HOW to build that ultimate outbound sales team, and what to look for and avoid when putting this team together.

He points out the key metrics, traits, and qualities that will help build, manage, and develop an outbound sales team which can really scale your business.

Learn to Build and Train an ACE Sales Team:

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