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Ecommerce Portal Solution
28 Jun 2022
Ecommerce Portal Solution
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business Portal

business-to-business (B2B) portal enables companies to grow sales and expand to
new markets. With a wide variety of extensions, it makes sure simple usage and
lowers operating costs, unnecessary stock, physical locations and staff. The
outcome is improved profitability, easier perception of business opportunities
and easier response to said opportunities.

Trawex B2B is an
ultimate product for B2B
business Portals and travel agents and other sub-agents
to book flights, hotels, buses, cars and holiday packages. It is essential for
travel agents and agencies to operate
reservation platforms from several branches and sales
channels into one single place and for that a consistent management &
processing of these bookings.

B2B Business Portal
Booking System has all the basic modules included, you can adjust markup and
pricing policies dynamically, display hotel rooms availability in real-time,
manage credits limits, and manage cancellation policies and fares. We give an
excellent online booking platform for all travel agents and tour operator

does B2B work?

B2B, one business sells a set of products or various services to another
business. Typically, there is a group or department that uses the dealer’s
products and services. Occasionally, a single user on the buyer side makes a
transaction in support of the company's business objects.

local and online
businesses prefer to use these B2B business portals and marketplaces as
they offer a wide range of products and services, have many suppliers, and
provide an easy way to compare prices.

the increase of internet users and online businesses in globally, there is a
need for portals and marketplaces that can facilitate transactions between
buyers and sellers.

Business-to-business (B2B) is a transaction or business
conducted between one business and another, such as a wholesaler and retailer.

B2B transactions tend to happen in the supply chain, where
one company will purchase raw materials from another to be used in the
manufacturing process.

B2B transactions are also commonplace for auto industry
companies, as well as property management, housekeeping, and industrial cleanup

Meanwhile, business-to-consumer transactions (B2C) are those
made between a company and individual consumers.

of B2B Portals We Deliver:

B2B ecommerce
portal (B2B trading portal)

B2B vendor

B2B customer

B2B ecommerce
portal (B2B trading portal):

B2B ecommerce portal is used to manage wholesale orders and shipping. The
B2B business portal can be owned by one big seller or a group of sellers who
look for potential buyers online or by a party not directly involved in the
transaction process.

B2B vendor

B2B vendor portal belongs to a single big buyer or a group of buyers and
is used for providing comprehensive vendor information, organizing bidding,
managing repeated B2B business supplies, etc.

B2B customer

B2B customer portal give customers with access to structured
information on your products or services, offers self-service functionality,
and the ability to request or schedule needed services.

Benefits of B2B:

The following are benefits of B2B:

Large average deal size.

A B2B company can increase sales with a smaller number
of high-value deals compared to a B2C company, which may require thousands or
even millions of individual sales.

Higher switching costs.

B2B customer loyalty is likely if they are completely
satisfied with the product and service. In contrast, B2C customers can be
finicky and not loyal, resulting in large rates.

Large market potential.

B2B companies can target enterprises across more
industries and geographies, resulting in a big playing field. Or they can
specialize in one industry, such as technology, and become director in that

B2B organizations advertise their products and
services and conduct business online, making it easy for clients to place total
orders via an efficient digital transaction model.

Faster delivery.

Because B2B e-commerce tools create the sales process
efficient for sellers, they accelerate the process for buyers. Integrated
systems able the transacting companies to sync data across channels, automate
fulfillment and inventory updates, and manage complicated orders.

Built-in order management.

Cloud-based e-commerce platforms easily integrate with
back-end systems or order management systems. This enables B2B sellers to
synchronize order inventory and customer data across every channel.

Reduced time-to-market for any new

Common platform for all digital

Open, technology-agnostic and
complete in the cloud

API-first platform for multi-channel
use cases reducing integration costs and complexity

In-built business insights for
faster decision-making

B2B business portal success

A B2B business portal’s
long-term value derives from a positive customer journey and the ability to
move the customer smoothly between portal, product and your teams. The less a
user notices how many cogs are turning within your company, the better.

A successful B2B

extremely user-friendly

a premium look and feel

value-creating content and information

What are the requirements of a
B2B portal?

● Ecommerce platform

Trawex is one of the leading
open-source platforms and comes with many features to run a successful
ecommerce business online.

● Cloud hosting

Cloud-based websites can promise
uptime and great customer support.

● Business analysts

They study your business, customer,
and completions, and provide analysis to develop an advanced and influential
web portal.

● Web developers

Hiring good developers plays an
important role in building a robust website with profound solutions to prevent

● Content providers

Content providers are an essential
part of any web portal because they drive your customer to complete the
shopping experience. Experts follow strict guidelines to get content right
because everything depends on it. This includes pictures, colors, words, and
all-over graphics.

● UI and UX

The first impression is the last. It
is thus important to make sure that the web portal is compatible to all devices
and platforms and has a user-friendly interface. This makes the customers can
feel comfortable while shopping.

● Web portal optimization

Optimization of the website can
decrease loading time which allows customers to browse products faster and

● High-end security

Customers love to shop on ecommerce
websites that are secured and guarantee their data is safe. It is advisable to
follow and take all the security measures to protect your business and user

● Digital marketing team

Having a digital marketing team helps
you reach more customers and spread the word quickly. A digital marketing team
has techniques to beat your competitors and put you first in the customer

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Ecommerce Portal Solution
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Ecommerce Portal Solution
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