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Who has influenced your career? Part 2: Influencers and Authors  avatar
We asked business leaders, "Who has influenced your career?" and we received a wide range of terrific answers. Here is Part 2 dedicated to the influencers and authors who have made a difference.


Amber Temerity, Founder and Digital Marketing, Amber Lozzi Marketing


Bushra Azhar has made all the difference in my success as an entrepreneur! I first met her (virtually) in March 2016 when she introduced me to her brilliant ways of writing rebuttal-proof sales pitches and back button-proof websites. She is truly a social psychology QUEEN. Beyond that, though, she taught me that the one thing that'll close deals above all else is being true to oneself. To be unabashedly bold and confident as the beautiful human beings we were born to be. I especially love that one of her dreams is to live in a world where children. all children, are loved, cherished, and revered - for the miracles that they are. Bushra Azhar is a powerhouse of a woman and it's a genuine honor to have spent so much time learning from her over the years.



Kelly Maxwell, CEO, Seniors Mutual


One of the biggest influences on my career has been Grant Cardone and his 10X program. It has taught me to think 10X bigger than I was before and put that much more effort in as well. I think a lot of times what holds people back is they are not thinking big enough. Think small and you will achieve small. All in all, I have taken his course and follow his advice and have propelled Seniors Mutual to new heights that I didn't think I would reach, especially this fast.



William Goldman, Managing Attorney/Founder, Goldman Law Group


As the famous business consultant, author, and educator, Peter Drucker, once opined: [The] business enterprise has two - and only two - basic functions: marketing and innovation. Representing Innovation is both our mantra and mission statement, succinctly signifying our firm's disruptive approach toward providing cutting-edge legal solutions for creative business clients in all fifty states and worldwide. So this has been the singular inspiration behind the founding of our unique law practice.



Jessica Lipton, Founder, Elevate Delta 8


As a minority myself that had to go through discrimination and the stigma attached to being a female business owner in the Cannabis Industry, Wiseman inspired me to keep going and strive for what I believed in. While it is already challenging to get into the Cannabis Industry, being a young woman makes it even harder. Hope Wiseman broke the barriers that engulfed the female gender and encouraged me and many others to learn and follow. After taking a few of her virtual education classes regarding equity, social justice, and the history of cannabis, I was able to stand strong and transform myself into a successful entrepreneur in the industry.



Janice Wald, Blogging Coach, Author, Speaker, Mostly Blogging


I was a new blogger in 2014. I desperately wanted to succeed, so I joined Jon Morrow's Guest Blogging program. I admired the way Jon helped bloggers. I was inspired to help bloggers as he did and still does. As a result, I became a blogging tips blogger. At the time, I resented the teachers in the program, especially one teacher who was especially tough on me. According to my recollection, his name was Robert. He made me the blogger I am today. Blogging can be truly daunting. Yet, thanks to the program, I learned the knack for blogging. I am currently nominated for Best Internet Market by the Infinity Blog Awards for the second time. This time, I made the finals. I would not have any of the success I achieved without the Jom Morrow guest blogging program. To my knowledge, the program is now defunct, but I want Jon Morrow to know how his instruction benefited me.



Ravi Parikh, CEO, RoverPass


Someone who has made a difference in my career is Steve Jobs. Throughout my career as an entrepreneur in tech, I've turned back to Steve Jobs's career for inspiration about how to build my businesses. I admire his drive, his tenacity, and his willingness to work hard even when everyone doubted him. I also appreciate him as a fellow perfectionist. In my company, I'm well-known for being extremely detail-oriented. If our software isn't flawless, I don't want it being marketed to our customers, because I want to give them the best. What Steve Jobs built with Apple is really the dream for most of us in the software industry. When I'm feeling uninspired, I often remember how far away their current success would have seemed to him early in his career. It lights a fire in me and makes me inspired to keep on grinding.



Antonio Martinez, , Legendary Infopreneur


My success has been influenced by Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.



Erin Zadoorian, CEO & Executive Editor, Ministry of Hemp


Jeff Bezos is, without a doubt, the guy who has motivated me to accomplish more. I feel that reading a lot about him and how he started making history - and a fortune - from his garage has made me believe that nothing is truly impossible in this day and age. All you need to do is be bold enough to take the chance and get started. Bezos, like myself, has always been a huge dreamer since he was a child. When I first started out, I believed that if he could do it, so could I. If not, then something is wrong with my approach. I was able to achieve success from here. When I hit road bumps, I just tweak my strategy until it worked, and most of the time, it does!



Dr Lisa LangPresidentVelocity Scheduling System


Eliyahu Goldratt and his book The Goal made a huge difference in my career. I was in college working on my degree in Engineering Management and here was this $20 book explaining how it could and should be done. This was my introduction to the Theory of Constraints. I loved the simple, powerful concepts and learned as much as I could. As I got better and better at executing the methodologies, Goldratt asked me to work with him. It was very challenging to say the least, but I am forever grateful. I have honed my critical thinking skills, left the corporate world for consulting and have been offering programs based on his concepts since 2002. This year is the 10th anniversary of his death but his impact will be felt for a very long time. The Theory of Constraints has found its way into many of the world's health systems, military, manufacturing, supply chain, business schools, project management, financial management, educational systems and our thinking. It all started with one simple question - What's your goal?



Katherine Brown, Founder & Marketing Director, Spyic


I read a book titled “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss, and it changed my approach to entrepreneurship. In the book, Ferriss explains how he transitioned from earning $40,000 a year to $40,000 a month. He did this while working only four hours a week. The step-by-step guide provided by the book taught me how to become more successful. The author gives tips on how to optimize operations in business. I applied some of the tips, and they set me up for success. I have learned to use virtual assistants to eliminate excess work. I hope this answer adds valuable insights to your research.



Alexandra Chu, Founder & Executive Director, MedCreate


BTS has inspired me so much over the last couple of years. Their messages of hope, self-love, and positivity have made an incredibly big difference in my career and in who I am today. Their journey to becoming global superstars is nothing short of amazing, and I have learned so much from their ideals, words, and actions. Because of BTS, my confidence and self-esteem blossomed and grew, and this helped me have the courage to launch an international organization despite only being fourteen at the time.



Luke McCann, Owner,


MJ DeMarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane, was a mentor to me early in my career. The business principles he wrote about set me down a path to create my current business. He stresses providing value to customers and finding businesses that will scale. I ended up creating my online lead generation business 5 years ago and I appreciate his blunt honesty and how he never tries to upsell his followers.



Orville Wright, Music Producer, Oh Yeah Beats


I have been quite successful in my career, my business, and personal life and I feel I need to give thanks and recognition to a few public figures. I have picked up an old hobby of reading books again. So many authors have helped to be more successful. Amazing authors are Kenyetta Griggs, Dame Dash, Stephen & Alex Kendrick, Huey P. Newton, Sanyika Shakur, George Orwell, Bobby Seale, and Angela Davis. I have learned to love and be more open to opportunities and avenues. Reading several books from these authors has shown me how to focus more on priorities in my life along with things in a career perspective. I feel that I know how to direct positive energy towards my success through their teachings. On a more personal note, I also want to give thanks to a close friend of mine, Bobby Del Rio. He is a Canadian actor/ film writer and director. He has been triumphant but inclusive with so many communities. He has set an incredible example of how business should be conducted. I have witnessed him making connections and bridging gaps across communities to get more accomplished for humanity. We met this year on an app called Clubhouse and have established a genuine relationship with some time. I consider him a true humanitarian with the others I referenced. He expresses continuously that himself and the others in his circle are a community and not an industry. One room he hosts is entitled Film/ TV People who Get Shit Done. This room is where I met him. The room has a simple but solid foundation in the saying Make and Offer, Change Your Life. It in fact has allowed many people (including myself) to offer (not pitch) services or gestures that can help from a human perspective opposed from the business aspect. I thank him just for showing others how to be a giver instead of having an ask. Through giving I have landed so many opportunities with music and just receiving genuine love and support. In the months since I met him, I have been more of a giver and am starting to reap the benefits just through friendships with important people in the entertainment industry. Bobby, I love you and I thank you Brother. I advise anyone who needs mental health stimulation to find him on Clubhouse and the other social media links.



Michael Jankie, Founder, Natural Patch


I grew up in a suburb of Melbourne, and life was incredibly pleasant my entire childhood: nice school, neighborhood, wonderful family, and I really didn't think much beyond my next Marmite sandwich. Then, at age 13, I was looking through my parents bookshelves and I saw a book by Australian author Thomas Keneally: Schindler's list, and I started reading it. It was my first experience reading material that wa so vivid and disturbing, and one thing I always remembered is how a single man used his business to shield and save children from genocide. It was an example of courage and how he was able to leverage a successful business to do good in the world.



Payel Gupta, Co Founder, Get Cleared


As a woman of South Asian descent, I was influenced by Dr. Jayashree Mondkar, who was a neonatologist, a specialist in infants. * She wanted infants to have as much natural immunity as they could to make a healthy start in life, and that comes from a mother nursing her child and passing along her own antibodies. In a country with a lot of poverty and illness, that healthy start is essential. Dr. Mondkar wanted to give this advantage to all children, so she started a milk bank (like a blood bank, but with donated milk from lactating mothers). When mothers couldn't nurse for whatever reason, the milk bank could supply mother's milk to the babies. This was the first milk bank in Asia, and it was always an example to be because Dr. Mondkar found a simple and ingenious solution to a difficult medical and societal problem. She showed me the importance of a physician thinking creatively and on a societal scale.



Sanket Desai, Marketing professional, Biking KnowHow


I am a marketing professional and an established entrepreneur. I operate a successful niche website called Biking Know How. I am a voracious reader and I love to read biographies of entrepreneurs. I have been deeply impacted by Sir Richard Branson, the head of the Virgin group. I am very influenced by his success and I take him as my mentor. I follow two very famous mantras or quotes, one is “*Screw it, let’s do it- By Sir Richard Branson*” and “*Just do it- This slogan is from Nike*”. Early on when I started with my business venture, especially in blogging, many naysayers told me that I was not doing the right thing. But in response, I decided to focus on my passion and focus on my own journey and growth. Fear of failure stops us most often from taking the first step. I would say, I have started to just take a leap of faith, trusting that my business idea will definitely work. As I was building my business, I was aware that I would face roadblocks. I did not let those stop my progress. I was flexible to pivot if needed. Lastly, I sought out mentors and experts. If they were not available in person then I surely found them electronically via email, social media, blogs, or books. Running a business is an amazing way to generate alternate income. Being a business owner can make one financially independent, which is so relevant considering the current pandemic situation.



Robert Johnson, Founder, Sawinery


Well, aside from my mother, the person who owns a big part of my success today is my favorite book author, Jim Collins. He wrote the book Good to Great which taught me valuable learnings in terms of business that can be applied to personal life as This book revealed recipes and processes to take in order to achieve success in entrepreneurship. I have realized through this book that when you don't take a leap, you won't have the chance. Be bold and take risks, success in business doesn't happen overnight, it's a long and journey out there. It changed my life in a way that let me open my eyes to the real world of business. I have realized that business is not just about having money. It's more about elevating your capabilities and capacity as an entrepreneur. Achieving success is just a bonus. *The real reward in this industry is how you can transform into a great businessman from just being good enough



Jhon Rollan, Communications Associate, SEO-Hacker


It was always difficult to start your career after graduating from college. The competition was huge and the amount of energy needed to land a successful career is far beyond my capabilities. It was intimidating, even though I have finished a decent degree I still feel like I am out of everyone's league. I have no practical skills in my profile to find my place within the system. I began wondering about my significance in this world. Whether I'm worth even a penny or nothing at all. Not once I blamed the system but I did blame myself and have engaged in harmful escapism habits. It was hopeless, I was punishing myself for being too incompetent and depression slowly eats every bit of my strength. I thought it was a dead-end for me and never thought of getting out. Not until I've stumbled upon a Filipino Motivational Speaker named Sean Si. I have read his story of how he began his journey in finding his company and how he had inspired others like myself. It was part of my relentless effort in finding a job despite having thoughts of giving up. The source of his strength was familiar to most people but I would never think of its practical use and how it significantly builds a character. Following his leadership as an example change the course of my entire life and career. I was able to gather my strength back and find the right direction for myself.



Leona Carter , Relationship Coach & Business Strategist, Carter Strategies


The one person who has made a difference in my career and life is the Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin. He exemplifies what a relevant Christian in a pop culture world looks like. He is very unapologetic about his life as a Christian entrepreneur, yet he keeps it authentic, transparent, and dope. His creativity is second to none. Even in life's ups and downs, he stays current and relatable, reflected in his music. As an entrepreneur, the goal is always, be yourself and Kirk Franklin dominates that lane. Everybody in my family knows Kirk Franklin is my number one influencer. He is the only artist in 25 years I have purchased all of their projects. I even accidentally purchased Devon Franklin's book (which is a great read) because I thought it was Kirk Franklin's book.



Tyler Garns, Founder & CEO, Box Out Marketing


Jack Ma is one of my inspirations for success. This guy has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve and does his best to attain that. Moreover, he came from rags to riches, which is more inspiring because he worked his way up with no shortcuts. He had several rejections and failures but look at him now—one of the most successful and wealthiest billionaires.



Ali Tarek, Co-founder and Chief Editor, Fishing Creative


Gael & Mark webster the creators of super successful websites on the internet. They also created courses for beginners and even professionals who want to learn. To be honest, I didn't have any specific plans fot the future until I saw their courses on the internet by chance. I did a little bit of research about them and found out how experienced they are and how they changed their own lives before changing the lives of others! I watched their courses and now, I am on my way and hope to get my personal success one day. I don't want to write a long answer, but they changed my plans a lot.



Marc Bromhall, Founder, StorageBuddy


Steve Jobs is the person who has inspired me most in business. Through both his biography, authored by Walter Isaacson, and a number of videos on YouTube, I've drawn incredible inspiration from his unwavering ability to bring the very best consumer products to market. He never followed the status quo and chartered his own path to success by using his intellect, passion and drive. This has inspired me to adopt a true customer-centric approach to my business and constantly challenge myself and my team to learn, iterate and improve on our existing product suite.



Sonya Schwartz, Founder, Her Norm


Motivation and inspiration are needed to boost a person’s urge of wanting to be successful. As a business owner myself, my biggest inspiration is Oprah Winfrey. She does not only make her life better but also the people around her. One of the lessons she shared is always to trust your gut instinct. To succeed, believing in yourself and your gut instinct will make you regret less if something comes out negatively. In this way, you will not blame others because you made the decision all by yourself.



April Maccario, Founder, AskApril


As a founder, the quote I mentioned above is my source of inspiration from the famous physician and comedian Ken Jeong. Ken Jeong is one of the persons who influenced me to be someone I wanted to be. He breaks the family standards of pursuing a profession based on their parent's will, which I realized could be more crucial today. That's why choosing your happiness and passion is the true meaning of life's success. You can be the one who decides your fate and don't let it go before it's too late.



Michelle Devani, Founder, lovedevani


As a business owner, one of my biggest influences and inspirations is Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. Before Jack Ma became one of the wealthiest and most successful men in China, he faced and experienced numerous rejections and failures first. But the challenges and setbacks did not stop him from pursuing his aspirations. Jack Ma’s success through failure story has shown and taught me that, though our journey to success may be long and hard, as long as we continue to persist and persevere, we will eventually achieve what we want and find our own success



Chris Muktar, Founder,


I used to fantasize about creating a company of my own. If Jeff Bezos could establish a billion-dollar organization from a two-bedroom apartment, why can't I do the same? As it turned out, I wasn't born with the ability to lead. I needed to learn how to put myself first, keep calm under crisis, and inspire people. I had appreciated Bezos as a leader for the accomplishments of his firm. After taking some risks of my own, I came to respect the risks he took in his profession. Leaving a secure position for the unpredictable was terrifying, and it just strengthened my admiration for leaders like Bezos, who understand that the bigger the risk, the greater the reward. Taking that risk helped me grow as a leader because it drove me to trust my instincts and trust my vision



Samantha Moss, Editor & Content Ambassador, Romantific


As a manager for a remote team of writers, a part of my job description is to provide motivation to the team to boost their productivity and efficiently carry out their work. In turn, oe of my biggest driving influences is this quote from the former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher: Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. The most prominent takeaway for me from this quote is to prove whatever you need to using your entire being. You can’t be promoted or be lauded for your efforts if there weren’t any to begin with. Also, to be direct to the point and full of integrity, as there is nothing more that disproves a point like empty words.



Martin Seeley, CEO, MattressNextDay


Mike McNamara of Flex is one guy who has demonstrated the importance of encouraging people to innovate. As a CEO, I strive for quality and excellence, and Mike McNamara has been an inspiration for everyone in the industry. He embraces the philosophy of innovation, recognizing it as an important element in a business’s success. He often encourages employees to engage with their customers. Proof that aside from their commitment to quality, they also have the customer's needs in mind.



Dan Belcher, CEO, Mortgage Relief


Optimism is one aspect a good leader must-have from my inspiration, Bob Iger. He believes that a leader must always be a positive thinker so he can share this positivity with his team, making everyone work hard and never give up despite the challenges everyone encounters. You as the leader should be the team’s anchor, so you should set a good example by not giving up. The leader should also be prepared for almost everything and not let it be a hindrance in achieving what you or everybody wants.



Jacob Sapochnick, Founder, Law Offices


Aside from my mentors, there are a lot of businessmen who have influenced me. One of them is Bill Gates, not only because he is one of the richest men but also because of his values and charity work. I admired how he is not selfish with money as he shares it through his foundation, which provides different things to third-world countries. It changed the way I view “success” as I see him share his wealth with others.



Martin Luenendonk, CEO, FounderJar


Being what I am today, I didn’t have any idea that I would be one successful business owner today. I started to chase this dream because of one man named Steve Jobs. I was inspired by this man because of his perseverance and dedication to achieve perfection in everything that he does to achieve success. Also, I was also motivated by his biggest motivation which is to create something and leave it behind that will change everything which is the number goal of every entrepreneur today. That’s why I owe my success to this man because he motivated me to become the person I am today.



Kristin Stump, Marketing Manager, Enamel Pins


From the very start, I’ve known that success is never an easy path. As a marketing manager, I know that desires and dreams are not enough to succeed in this world. One man that I can say has shown success as a possibility to me is John Paul Dejoria, founder of one famous hair-care product, Paul Mitchell. This person is a literal rug to riches example of a person. I admire the perseverance, dream, and continuous hard work that he had invested in his journey to success. His life story inspires me and makes me think that your current situation is not the sole basis of your future but your progress and motion are the most that can affect your success. He unconsciously showed me that though rejection might be endless, so do the opportunities. I have believed that if he can succeed, so will I.



Jason Robert, Copywrite, Writing by Jason


Dr. Chester Karrass—founder of Effective Negotiating seminars—made an enormous impact on my career. After attending Karrass' two-day seminar and reading his books, I've learned how to be successful when negotiating with clients who require my content writing services.



Kevin Miller, SEO Expert,


As someone who loves tech, it may come as no surprise that Steve Jobs made a difference in my career. I learned that it is important to view knowledge with a holistic approach, seeking out experiences in life and understanding that learning goes beyond a classroom. Learning from others and then taking those lessons and applying them to myself. I’ve worked for various startups and companies like Google, which has helped me grow and obtain knowledge that I wouldn’t have gotten from just a book or class. He also inspired me as an entrepreneur. One of my favorite quotes from him is on perseverance: “I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” This taught me to see obstacles as an opportunity to succeed. It's something I strive to help others understand so that they can achieve their dreams and goals.



Jonathan Zacharias, Founder, GR0


An individual who continues to inspire and push me to be my best is Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. Specifically, Sam obsessed over one thing above all else: his customers. He ensured that each and every individual who opened his store doors received excellent service, quality products, and accessible prices. This obsession with the customer is something that I am reminded of every single day. Indeed, whereas other founders ask themselves how they can improve their bottom line, I ask myself one simple question: How can I provide more value to my clients today?



Marilyn Gaskell, Founder, TruePeopleSearch


One of the biggest reasons why I was able to set up my own business is, as weird as it may sound, Jacinda Ardern. There was once a point when I was about ready to give up on setting up my own company — my business plan kept getting rejected by investors and many had even scoffed in my face when they realized they had been in conversation with a woman. Defeated and ready to surrender, I opened my Facebook timeline and saw a video of the Prime Minister recounting every measure she had introduced in government in 2 minutes. Watching that video was a transformative moment for me — I realized that, even if I faced an unusual amount of impediments by virtue of being a woman, I had to power through so I could make the whole process a bit easier for women out there.



Cathy Mills, Director of Strategy, InfluenceWeekly and NetInfluencer


From my experience, I owe much of my success to the entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. My career has been influenced by his book “The Four-Hour Workweek” and his podcast channel, where he interviews various entrepreneurs. Throughout the book and podcast, he provides many tips on how to work more efficiently and maintain a healthy work-life balance. In today's world, these two factors are extremely important.



Jaclyn Strauss, Founder, My Macro Memoir


As a female leader who has always been labeled as bold and the type of woman who is not afraid to say things as they are, Sheryl Sandberg has made a difference in my career. I was so afraid to use my voice that I never really felt that the workplace was safe to speak up. Mrs. Sanberg's book and the concept of leaning in resonated with me. For several years, I felt the need to hide my family and the existence of my children, and life outside of the workplace. I felt internal pressure to keep my work-life separate from my personal life as I was competing for positions with greater responsibility along the way and felt that opening the door to my family life would set me back. I had heard firsthand that numerous leaders express that working mothers could not be as dedicated to their work responsibilities and do them well. I was always internally floored by this perception but molded myself to fit into the culture to remain competitive and achieve my professional goals. Until one day, I stopped. After much thought about the effort, it took me to hide my family from my co-workers, I realized it took away from my productivity and the ability to be the best version of myself. In my opinion, having both personal and professional ethics are necessary ingredients to a foundation of success. I was not ethical by essentially hiding (which arguably some view as lying) and going against the fabric of who I am. I will never forget the first business meeting that I decided to be open about my children, my two most significant accomplishments in life. We started the session off with typical icebreaker activities, which included sharing our hobbies outside of work. Rather than coming up with pilates or running, I came right out and said my children are my hobby. I proceeded to share that any chance that I receive outside of work, I am deliberate in creating moments that matter with them and am honored to have been given each of them to help shape and guide along their life's journey. The initial reaction was silence in the room but quickly pivoted to other women sharing that they felt the same way. We then all shared stories of our children and their various milestones. I have never deviated from communicating with my colleague's successes and challenges daily raising my children and have fostered more meaningful and authentic relationships within the workplace. As a founder of my own company, I am very deliberate as I create the company culture to be one where no one feels scared to speak up or share personal and professional stories with the group to the extent they are comfortable. My workplace experience has shaped me to be better as a new business owner, and for that, I am grateful.



Ryan Craver, Co-Founder, Mallary by Matthew


Far and away the most inspirational figure in my career has been Jack Ma. As the founder of Alibaba, Ma presides over one of the largest and most influential eCommerce websites in the world. However, it is not his ambitious and lofty goals, net worth, or needle-shifting ideas that makes him such an inspirational figure. Rather, it is his simple yet innovative business philosophy: customers come first, employees second, and shareholders third. By constantly focusing on the people that buy and create the product, Ma is incessantly focused and obsessed with the human experience, not merely the bottom line. Indeed, my philosophy is very similar: focus on treating your employees and customers as good as possible, and money will henceforth take care of itself.



Yaniss Illoul, Founder, Martech with Me


The first person that really influenced my career is the writer Ryan Holiday. As I was wrapping up my B.A in Arts History in France which is where I am originally from, I was exploring different career avenues as I was not satisfied with the nature of the internships I had during my Bachelor. Those internship revolved around graphic design or museum work. I had the opportunity to read his book “Trust Me: I’m Lying” which was diving into the subject of PR and how some companies were influencing the media scene for the benefit of their clients. While the ethics were clearly questionable, that industry seemed fascinating enough for me to apply for internships in PR agencies where I eventually landed a full-time internship in a Digital PR agency in Berlin. After six months of internship and another 6 months as a full-time employee, I got approached with the opportunity to be a founding member of another Digital PR agency. One of the original co-founders is the second person that completely changed where my career was going. This person used to be a Principal Analyst at one of the biggest research agency in the world and was a very technically literate person. My job at the time evolved into finding ways to streamline workflows and processes. This person encouraged me to learn Python, a popular programming language used in industries such as Artificial Intelligence as well as Business Automation and Machine Learning. Getting pushed and mentored to learn this language and apply it to solve business problems has completely changed the way I worked and turned me into a person capable of things I could have never dreamed of before. This in turn made me create the website/consultancy Martech with Me where I spend my time solving any kind of workflow challenge that my network/clients are facing in their day-to-day operations. The website and its 50+ tutorials currently has reached almost 100 000 visitors since its infancy a bit over two years and is currently reaching over 8000 people a month. This personal development also allowed me to expand my network significantly and secure myself a future career path that is challenging and interesting which is something I did not think was possible when I was finishing my B.A five years ago. I realised now that the people I meet and the authors I follow have the potential to completely change my life and challenge the idea of my own ceiling with every interaction I open myself to. I have no idea what the next step in my career is going to be but I have no doubt that it will be influenced by someone I have yet to meet or learn about like the two previous occurrences.



Harriet Chan, Co-Founder, CocoFinder


My greatest inspiration ever is Margaret Thatcher. Becoming the first female British PM and implementing radical changes the way she did inspires me to try out new experiments and changes in my business without fear of ridicule. The bravery that he story spikes in me has led me to start my own company and run it successfully for more than two years, even when the world economy was facing a pandemic. CocoFinder is a business and people search engine tailored for your needs



Max Edwards, Founder, The Millennial's Lifestyle


If you Look up the name Roope Kiuttu you will find the person that inspires me the most. I joined a community of people looking to make money online a few years ago. Within that community I was taught the basics to get me from beginner to intermediate, but I needed to take the next step to expert. So I started to look at those who seemed to be making good money online within the community I joined. Thats when I came across Roope who was an experienced member. I looked into his site called ( ) to see what he was doing that I wasn't. Now making money online by building a blog can take a lot of time, effort, and trial by error. You might be looking for your audience in the wrong place if you are inexperienced. In the make money niche, I was trying to gain traffic on Pinterest, but as I gained experience I realized that is best for bloggers in niches such as food, travel, inspiration etc. I developed a Pinterest channel because for years I wanted to avoid having to show my face on Youtube. After looking at Roope strategies, I realized I was searching for my audience in the wrong place and had to start doing videos if I wanted to be a success. So I started a Youtube channel and have seen better results, but I also looked into his site and put my own spin on things. You will see similarities but there is a uniqueness to both websites. He has a nice image of himself when you land on his page which builds trust supposedly. So I put one up on my page. He also has a call to action and a nice landing page built explaining 4 steps a lot of people take to start an online business. So I made a direct call to action on my site so visitors can Immediately understand what the site is mainly about. I also built a landing page similar to his for those wanting to start an online business. That page is really a sales page and building it took a few days to complete. I even signed up for his email just so I can get an idea of how to build my email campaign. Whatever you do in life or whoever you strive to be like, look into what that person does and do it yourself. Just in your own way!



Sharon Van Donkelaar, CMO, Expandi


If there's someone who inspired me through my career and influenced my pursuit of success, it is definitely Oprah Winfrey. Not for nothing, Oprah is considered as one of the most influential people in the world, not only from a personal but also from an entrepreneurial perspective. The talk show host, actress, and philanthropist we've all heard about at least once in our life is a true example of self-improvement and desire to make a change in the world, and that's something I've looked up to for many years up until today. Poverty, assault, violence, and even the mere fact of being an African-American woman in the late '80s didn't stop her from believing in herself and achieving great success others can barely imagine, and that's the main reason why, without even meeting her in person, she's had a huge influence on me.



James Pollard, Founder, The Advisor Coach


The person who has influenced my business success more than anyone else is author Napoleon Hill. My favorite book of all time is Think And Grow Rich, which was written by him. That book outlines several principles necessary for success, such as a burning desire, persistence, and organization. As soon as I began putting those principles into action, I began seeing results. Even though Think And Grow Rich was released back in 1937, it has been influencing people ever since. I have no idea where I would be if it wasn't for Napoleon



Katherine Pollock, Graphic Designer, Katherine Pollock Design


This is all thanks to my mentor Adrienne Johnston, who has introduced me to presentation design. She taught me how to be a presentation designer, helped me and others navigate the freelance world, and assisted in finding amazing clients. Without her, I would still be stressed and overwhelmed in a thankless, repetitive 9-5 job.



Edouard Chevrel,  The Pet Savvy


The biggest influence in my career was the influencer and YouTuber Casey Neistat. You could say Casey was not dealt the best cards in life - average childhood, laughable physique, high-school dropout working as a dishwasher in a restaurant. His mind focus and ability to not care about what other people think of him have been the greatest incentive for me. Casey was vlogging every single day for several years while living in NY and became a daily source of inspiration all this time. He helped me never to give up and not to be scared of taking risks even when outcomes were uncertain.



Amy Campbell, , Metta


I can share with you who has been the biggest influence in creating my business. This person has been Julie Stoian, a business coach. She did it by showing up regularly for her community, overdelivering on programs and creating a concise path for success. She turned up with no make up, in a hoodie and her cat sometimes interrupting her videos (!) with incredible value and advice. My business wouldn't be where it is today without her valuable input and shining example of what a servant leader looks like. Let me know if you need any more information! I am happy to speak with you more about business, mindset and wellness.



Michael Hammelburger, CEO, Sales Therapy


Sir Richard Branson. He's a good role model when it comes to working with a team. He dives deep into the dynamics of team cohesion and makes everyone accountable for their contributions. I've patterned my management style from his way of leading people. When he said, Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to, this made me realize the importance of investing in people and making them a priority.





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