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The Definitive 2021 Guide for Small Business Video Marketing

Video is the fastest growing marketing channel, but it can be hard for small businesses to get involved. Read our guide for tips and tools to get started...

Small businesses have unique challenges in marketing their products and services. Their marketing budget is small and the resources limited. 

Fortunately, there’s video marketing that allows even small enterprises to retain their customers and attract and convert new ones. Promotional videos for small business are proving to be largely successful for many.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Video Marketing?

Videos have long been used by marketers. TV commercials, for example, have always been part of big businesses' video marketing business plan. Unfortunately, small enterprises cannot afford the expenses involved in producing and airing of tv commercials. Technology, however, has leveled the playing field as videos are now more accessible than ever.

Mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are making videos more popular and accessible. Just look at Youtube, which now has now become the second most visited site all over the world, only next to Google.

Thus, businesses that are still hesitant to produce videos should consider these benefits.

Increasing brand awareness and online presence

People all over the world are responding to video content as evidenced by the eight billion daily video views on Facebook. Videos, after all, are more attractive and engaging when compared to other content forms. Well- conceptualized video content can connect people to the brand.

These days, the name of the game is to increase the business’ online presence. And one of the best ways of increasing online presence is through content that’s easily consumable such as videos. Keep in mind that people tend to like and share whatever content they enjoyed, thus spreading more awareness of the brand or product via the internet.

Boosting social media

Most businesses now rely on social media to promote their brand, products, or services, making it hard for anyone to stand out.

Fortunately, compelling and attention-grabbing videos help drive social media engagement, an important component in the world of digital marketing.

Introducing brand values and building trust

It’s always hard for any marketer to introduce the brand and what it stands for to the market, which is why many brands still remain unknown by their target market. Videos, however, help audiences know what the brand, product, or services are about. Video content helps marketers connect the business to its market, and build trust along the way.

Offering in-depth analytics

Videos offer comprehensive data to evaluate one’s marketing strategy. Video owners can see the number of views to get a clear idea of whether viewers are engaged with the content.

What Makes a Good Marketing Video?

It’s not enough to simply shoot videos and upload them on various platforms. Businesses should take the time to craft their video marketing strategy carefully before going into production. Marketers should identify their targets, the messages they want to convey, and the kind of videos they should produce, among others. Below are some video marketing tips for small businesses.

Focus on the story not on selling

The ultimate goal in video marketing is to sell more but this isn’t a license to hard sell to the target market all the time. The internet is already filled with sales clutter, which, unfortunately, many consumers find annoying. As such, videos should be focused on the story rather than what the business is trying to sell.

Focusing on the story allows businesses to concentrate on the added value the brand brings to its target market. Using the emotive power of videos will appeal to the consumers’ needs and wants.

Have a strong opening

A fifth of viewers say that they are likely to skip viewing the entire video in 10 seconds or less if they don’t see the focal point of the video right away. As such, it’s best to start the video strong by sparking the audience's curiosity within the first five to 10 seconds of the video. The opening must tell viewers why they should watch the video content in its entirety.

Optimizing videos for SEO

Marketers should make their videos easy to find on the internet. This can be done by maximizing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value for each video. Optimizing videos for SEO means paying attention to keywords in the video description, tagging with the relevant keywords, and enabling embedding on the video, among others. 

Avoiding boring videos

Businesses can’t expect viewers to spend time on boring content. No one will also share uninteresting videos. As such, any video content should grab and keep the attention of the viewers all the way to the end. Keep in mind that the audience would like to laugh, learn, and be entertained at the same time. 

Which Type of Marketing Video is Best for Small Businesses?

Small businesses don’t have the same resources as large firms at their disposal. Often, the video marketing budget is small and there are few human resources to plan and execute the strategy. Given the limited resources, it’s best for small businesses to first create videos that are likely to have the biggest impact on the organization.

Those in search of video marketing ideas for small businesses should consider these types of videos.

Explainer videos- Small businesses should start with an explainer video, which is focused on what the brand, product, or service has to offer. Explainer videos highlight how the business solves a problem for the consumers.

Company story videos- Company story videos let businesses to showcase what makes them special. They help in making its target audience feel a strong connection to the business. Featuring how the business started and the members of the hardworking team can make potential clients feel more at home with the organization.

Customer testimonial videos- This kind of video is crucial in building the trust of the target market. Businesses only need one or two of their loyal patrons to talk about how the product or service made a difference in their lives.

Marketing Videos for Small Businesses are Effective

Small businesses are always careful and hesitant to try new channels and strategies given their limited resources. Creating a video marketing strategy may be overwhelming but the benefits of video marketing for small businesses are too good to ignore. Now is the best time to get started on video marketing as any business that refuses to consider videos as part of its strategy will likely be wiped out by competitors.

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