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JDA MMS Software for Innovative Supply Chain Management Solutions

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Know how the JDA merchandise management system can help you better manage and optimize your supply chain management.

Are you looking for a highly customizable platform to manage your supply chain?

The JDA merchandise management system is the most cost-effective, robust, and reliable ERP solution in the retail industry. The software is installed in hundreds of retailers worldwide and runs on IBM’s scalable, secure iSeries platform (IBMi/AS400). The MMS merchandise management systems allow companies to operate with minimal IT staff and offer integrated operating systems and databases. The JDA software has integrated modules that support the industry best practices of an omnichannel retailer and ensure effective merchandise management results.

That’s not it.

JDA merchandise management system is a complete packaged platform to transform your existing business workflow and management.

What is the JDA Merchandise Management System?
JDA’s merchandise management system enables retailers to respond to changes in different sales channels and sudden shifts in the market. It helps businesses meet consumer expectations consistently and access valuable insights from real-time inventory visibility. Retailers use the merchandise management system to increase sales, improve profits, and ensure operational efficiency and accuracy. The effective capabilities of the MMS merchandise management systems include inventory control and procurement, cost, promotions, customer orders, allocation and replenishment, and management of vendors, warehouses, and more.

Here are a few JDA merchandise management system capabilities:
1. Receiving
2. Allocation
3. Replenishment
4. Inventory control
5. Procurement
6. Vendor Management
7. Price, cost, and promotion management
8. Financial management
9. Customer order management
10. Warehouse management
11. Supports soft lines and hardlines
12. Supports multiple tax codes, currencies, and languages

Benefits of JDA MMS Supply Chain Management

BlueYonder’s supply chain management solutions greatly benefit merchandising businesses and ensure you streamline your supply chain. We have filtered the top benefits offered by MMS supply chain management:
1. Seamless order management
2. Connected customer experiences
3. End-to-end inventory orchestration
4. Autonomous, predictive logistics

Here’s how the JDA merchandising management system helps you create a supply chain in a down economy:
1. Understand your customers
2. Managing workforce but not compromising the business operations 
3. Boost your productivity
4. Real-time data insights
5. Product return management 
6. Warehouse management 

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