Interview with Mark Schwaiger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of INFINITI HR

We had the opportunity to speak with Mark Schwaiger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of INFINITI HR who shares his insights on the keys to growth...

Q: Can you tell us a little about your company and your role? 

A: We started INFINITI HR in 2008. When we started, there was a niche that needed to be met when it came to outsourcing firms and offering customizable solutions. You can either be a full professional employer organization (PEO) or be a firm that does payroll or HR. We combined everything and made it a “super” company. INFINITI HR is truly the only totally customizable PEO. We are one of a kind because we give our customers the options to choose what solutions make sense for their business. If you want your payroll as a standalone service, we can do that. If you want standalone HR support, we can do that, too. This presents an opportunity for small businesses to scale with us whereas some other PEOs require x number of employees in order to be covered, etc. INFINITI HR gives small companies the ability to choose anything they want from an HR outsourcing platform.


  A: Fast forward 11 years, and INFINITI HR is a disruptor in the industry. We now have 65,000 co-employes in 50 states. In total, we provide solutions to more than 800 customers. Walking the halls of our office (pre-COVID and even now that many are back in) you’ll feel the boundless energy of our employees and the desire to be there, doing good in the world, while supporting one another. Our employees are encouraged to innovate in a safe space — where risk-taking is not looked at as failure. Many come up with new ideas that enhance our PEO service offerings and are deployed to customers. Most importantly, INFINITI HR creates great leaders.  


A: In terms of my role, I founded the company with Scott Smrkovski and now serve as managing partner. My passion is around starting up other entities that support INFINITI HR (i.e. recruitment process outsourcing, benefits, the OpenAxess insurance platform, etc.). I am dedicated to establishing key partnerships in the market and then designing additional pillars that support INFINITI HR. I work to make us a more powerful engine and more successful entity. What's also near and dear to my heart is making sure employees are excited about being here. We have a Dream Exchange program in place that is helping our employees and their families. And now in COVID, it is more important than ever to make sure all employees are well, staying engaged, and know that we have their back. 


Q: What can keep a company from growing?


 A: A limited vision by the executive team and the owners. Most owners aren't sales guys/gals by nature. I feel strongly that neglecting sales can quickly become the number one mistake made by many companies. Everyone focuses on cutting costs, and what we are doing is really selling the heck out of our service. We have been closing an additional 10-20 deals a month in COVID. We just continue to sell and focus on sales. That is what will help us get us out of this and thrive in 2021.


Q: How can a company overcome those challenges to growth?


 A: I think the importance is to have a strategy that markets what differentiates you from everyone else. And then make the platform and user experience easy. Our sales team has a system in place that allows companies to sign up, without making this big, drawn out decision around it. We make it really easy to say yes -- make it a layup strategy. That is really the concept of outsourcing co-employment. Then we follow up with stellar customer service. 


Q: Can you share something that has surprised you or a lesson you have learned that goes against conventional wisdom?


 A: I'm a guy that even if I don’t have money I'm always spending it. I dream big and live big. I am confident. I am always over exerting my capacity -- some call it leverage in real estate. You need to have that mentality of success even if you don't have it. Some of it is the ability to recognize when to put on that smile and have a positive attitude to give others hope and inspiration in a time of need. 


Q: Do you have one piece of advice to share with startups who are looking to grow?


 A: This really goes back to the sales conversation. Just sell. Nothing else can take place unless you have a buyer. Everything else falls into place when you have money in your hand.



Thank you Mark for your time!  Go big, dream big, don't be afraid to fail, be confident...these are the messages that we need to hear in these times.  As marketers, we love to talk about sales and marketing alignment, metrics, channels, etc...but sometimes it is good to remember to just go out there and make it happen.  


If your business is looking for a PEO or HR support, make sure to check out INFINITI HR.  


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