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How To Use YouTube for Business in 2021: Advice From Top Experts  avatar
We asked top experts how they are using YouTube for business 2021 and they gave us some great answers.

Robert Weiss, MultiVision Digital, a New York City Video Production Company 


For most B2B businesses, who won't be able to compete with more B2C channels, the discoverability of your videos on YouTube will probably not be as important to you as the fact that YouTube is a free and trusted hosting platform.
But because YouTube is a free hosting platform, you can now take those videos and embed them on your website pages, blogs, link to from social posts and share them with prospective customers.  YouTube will do all the work to have them optimized for any device along with giving you pretty good analytics.


David Chaudron, Managing Partner, Organized Change


We have for the last seven or eight years. We are a B2B management consultancy, and have worked in 19 countries. We put specially-produced videos there, and in addition, recordings of webinars, in English, Arabic and Spanish. The YouTube audience is especially large in the Middle East, where we do much of our business. We also have links to those videos in various subsections of our website. One of the downsides of using YouTube is concerning changes to an existing video. For example, you want to trim it, or enhance the sound. YouTube won't let you edit an existing link without creating a new video. As a result, analytics can be lost.



John Ross, CEO, Test Prep Insight


YouTube is the second largest search engine -- bigger than Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo combined. With video-only content on YouTube, this offers businesses an incredible opportunity to connect with their audience on a personal level. By combining authentic, personalized videos with a smart SEO strategy, *a YouTube campaign has the chance to get your company in front of millions of users*. In addition, experts predict 80% of content consumption on the internet will be video-based by the end of 2022. Thus, I see this as never being a better time to get out in front of this wave, and we are really ramping up our channel. Additionally, with SEO and trying to rank for competitive keywords more difficult than ever on the website side, it can be really hard to break through and stand out with a website alone. Video content has been a major breakthrough for us. Whereas we were struggling to gain ground on the website side of marketing, *YouTube has provided an immediate path to being found.* There is a high barrier to entry with respect to making quality videos, so marketing through video can give you an easy win. We've seen just this, with a few of our videos hitting 10,000+ views on YouTube within just a couple months of being launched. Every view is a potential customer and worth every bit as much as a site visit. When you include our videos' views in our traffic, we've nearly tripled our exposure in a very short period of time.



Susan Johnston, Founder & Director, New Media Film Festival


We do use YouTube for business and have tried paid ads. The ads do increase views exponentially. We limite our ad spend and target which vidoe and why when we do. Mostly we use it to share what we have done so people find out about us, want to participate in some way with our company, etc.



Stacy Caprio, Founder & CEO, Her


I use YouTube to help grow my brand awareness, drive traffic to my site and help strengthen my brand. I love how having a YouTube channel with a solid amount of views and followers can help people see your brand in a new light and give you more trust, and I've found that to be true with my channel and business as it has helped me grow my own brand.



Brian Robben, CEO, Robben Media


The best way to leverage YouTube's platform is to run pre-roll ads. With these video ads you can put your business in front of competitors and people who, by their interests or behaviors, are a high-quality prospect. This ensures a higher campaign return on investment. For example, we're currently running YouTube ads to people looking for new homes for a condo client. The intent is, these people will be persuaded by the gorgeous open layout and view shown in the video ad, to then schedule an in-person tour. The campaign has generated over a 400% return in the past six months. I find it very unlikely to generate a similar return using traditional advertising.



Allison Chaney, Chief Digital Training Officer, Boot Camp Digital


We use YouTube for our business, Boot Camp Digital, a digital marketing training company. We have several videos that are successfully driving awareness and visibility for our company. We create short videos with quick tips, which are great to build credibility for our expertise in social media. One of our most popular videos is an animated video answering the question, what is a hashtag. It gets tons of views consistently over time, which is great for our brand visibility.



Jason Lee, Chief Information Officer, Healthy Framework


YouTube provides us a unique and fun way to engage with our audience. As a content-heavy operation, it can be tough to get personal with our readers. YouTube gives us the perfect medium to step outside the traditional confines of written content and engage in a fun way. Generally, we use YouTube videos to augment existing content or address topics that are more challenging to cover in text.



Dan Bailey, President, WikiLawn


We use YouTube as part of our content strategy. Our business has invested a lot into content marketing over the past year, but at this stage, I feel text content isn't enough. Video content is incredibly popular and easier to share. Especially how-to content, which is what we try to produce. YouTube isn't a business model in and of itself because they pay so little at this point. But for us it's been an alternate marketing channel that allows us to introduce more people to our brand.



Janice Wald, Blogger, Blogging Coach, Freelance Writer, Mostly Blogging


I use YouTube for my business. There are advantages to using YouTube. First, you can promote a cause. Cause marketing is trendy. Also, your brand perception improves when people see you promoting a brand. For example, YouTuber Sunny Lenarduzzi used her popular YouTube channel to promote the Black Lives Matter movement. Next, YouTube is one of the world's biggest search engines. By using tags in your video descriptions, people can find your video content. Also, YouTube videos get indexed by Google. Thanks to quarantining in place, people are now used to watching videos. Other marketers are using the power of video; video is no longer an option. In an era of Fake News, people believe what they see with their own eyes which is content in a video. Finally, there are so many cost-effective video tools, that make videos quickly, there are no excuses not to be making videos.



Rob Level, CEO, Smart Rapper LLC


The entire business of Smart Rapper has been built off of the back of the YouTube page, in which I taught upcoming rappers the lessons I wish I had known when I was starting in the music industry. In terms of deciding on making YouTube a lucrative business, you will need to post content on a consistent basis that is both family friendly and monetizable. The process of monetizing your videos is rather straightforward; however it may become dicey in terms of copyright issues and the previously mentioned “family friendly” nature of the YouTube of today. In order to not be demonetized, you must avoid using curse words as well as generally avoid using copyrighted material. While you can use copyrighted materials if it falls under fair use, the metaphorical goal posts for what qualifies as fair use tends to shift depending on the size of the channel and the perceived loss in damages to those issuing a copyright claim. Returning to creating content, during the preliminary years of my YouTube career, I post videos on a daily basis which drastically increased my subscriber count and my retention time (i.e. the length in which someone watches a video). YouTube’s algorithm rewards those whose retention time is high and who create content on a consistent basis. Therefore, like anything, if you want to get into YouTube and transform it into a business, you will have to be persistent and consistent.



Randa Hoffman, Owner and Financial Planner, Radiant Wealth Planning


I think financial planners can really benefit by creating videos for so many reasons. I'm part of the XY Planning Network, and when an advisor reaches out asking how I do my videos, I give them all I know and do and encourage them to try it. We shouldn't dismiss that YouTube's ad review went up by 46% in Q4 of 2020, a lot of people's attention is being directed to that platform and that includes my potential clients. Video allows me to share information, that could be dry if it were in a blog, in a way that's engaging and can convey a message with words and visuals. If I look at my own behavior, when I'm looking to learn something my go-to is a video as opposed to a blog. But the biggest benefit YouTube offers is the ability for people to see and hear me. It allows people who might be interested in reaching out to the firm to first see my non-verbal mannerisms and the way I sound and talk if that is something they like or dislike because believe it or not, that alone could be an attractor or deterrent to working with someone, even if they are the expert in what you're looking for.



Matt Bonestroo, Owner & Founder, Phoenix Mobile Home LLC


A picture is worth a thousand words, and videos are more important than pictures. Small business owners have a very small window to make a good first impression. For us, we like to use video to show customers that we are sincere and there to help. Over the past couple of years, we have started to use YouTube to help grow our brand within the Phoenix metro. The videos that we create range from quick informative clips to testimonials videos with past customers. We have received nothing but positive feedback so far.



Karl Scott, Founder & Owner, Easy scrap car collections


Below are some of the top benefits I am getting from YouTube for my small business. (Feel free to edit if it's too long) 1. I am reaching to more audience by creating and advertising on other people's videos 2. Our YouTube videos have given us more visibility on the Google universal search 3. The content on YouTube never dies; rather, gets more popular with time 4. With YouTube, our clients are from all over the world, giving the geniune boost to our sales 5. YouTube also gives us the opportunity to earn money via AdSense



Taylor Ryan, Online Digital Marketing Masterclass, Klint Marketing


In my experience, it’s quite difficult for businesses to quickly grow on YouTube. It’s no secret that most people go on YouTube for entertainment purposes instead of corporate news. BUT, as a keynote speaker and mentor, I still find YouTube to be a must for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Here’s why: In my 13 years in Digital Marketing, I’ve given countless talks, hosted webinars, and taught masterclasses. I’ve made it a habit to upload a video of most of my speaking gigs to YouTube. Because why let all this material go to waste? YouTube is excellent to showcase your past work and build your video portfolio, even without a ton of subscribers.



Reuben Yonatan, Founder & CEO, GetVoIP


We have a channel, and we use it to answer frequently asked questions about our services. We are a cloud communications advisor--we help businesses identify the cloud communication software/provider that would best suit their business needs. The cloud communication tools we deal with are: - VoIP - Video Conferencing - Call Center software - Collaboration tools We use YouTube because video content is one of the best ways to explain difficult tech concepts.* While most people have a rough understanding of VoIP or call center software, they cannot explain the complex concepts behind the technologies--for example, SIP trunking and call blasting. Our hope is that our videos will give potential customers the information they need during the research phase. As a result, when they decide to implement any of the technologies we handle, they will come to us.



Artur Prokopchyk, assistant to CBDO, Code Inspiration


We started using YouTube about a year ago. We have 2 goals for posting videos on YouTube: 1. Promote our completed projects, describing the software developed. 2. Promote our blog articles. *Regarding aspect 1*, we create videos describing features of this or that software developed by our company. Surely, these videos do not have many views because they describe projects in the spheres of real estate, fintech, social networks and communication etc. Anyway, there are still benefits: we can easily show necessary video to a potential customer and adding video from YouTube to our website's project page positively affects SEO performance. *Regarding aspect 2*. Since recently we have started to pay more attention to content we make. Following this activity we revise our old articles. When we see the article in our blog shows great performance, we create a video for it and publish on YouTube. Thus, we get additional position in the search results and embed the video in the article, strengthening it. Wrapping up, I would advise not to limit video promotion with YouTube only. If you make a video for YouTube, make sure to upload (upload, not share the link from YouTube) it to Facebook, Instagram, Xing, your profiles on business aggregators and catalogs. Following this strategy, we *made several times more video views on Google My Business than of YouTube*.



Dal Dhaliwal, Wellness & Business Coach., Hope Mckellar PR


I am a wellness and business coach and I create weekly videos on YouTube. I started utilising the power of YouTube about three years ago. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and video content marketing is on the rise, therefore I decided that this was the perfect platform for me to grow my brand. My video content on YouTube gives me the opportunity to create stronger emotional connections, increase engagement and capture attention more quickly than any other traditional content medium. YouTube enables me to build an audience, attract more clients for my coaching business. I also find it was relatively easy to start creating content for YouTube. I didn’t need to invest in any fancy equipment and used my smart phone camera and natural daylight. The video content I create covers topics centred on wellness, business and motivation. YouTube also brings a lot of traffic to my other social media platforms, blog and website. I highly recommend using YouTube for business.



Craig Dempsey, Co-founder and CEO, Biz Latin Hub


We have a YouTube channel in which we publish instructional videos related to the corporate legal, accounting, and back-office services we offer, as well as general tips related to doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean, where we operate. For us, it's an opportunity to show a friendly face to potential clients, while condensing sometimes complex technical information into an easily digestible form. That material can be especially useful to time-poor executives and other corporate decision makers, who maybe do not have the opportunity to sit and read an article, but could watch a short video at an opportune moment. While YouTube is never going to be a major source of leads, the feedback we get about our material is positive, and we see it as an important tool for engaging visually with possible clients and the wider world on matters relating to market entry and investment in Latin America and the Caribbean



Robert Kienzle, Senior Consultant, Knowmium


We are Knowmium, a small communication training firm working with global companies, and we use YouTube in a variety of ways: 1. We create app and software tutorials and host them on YouTube. We send the YouTube links to our other social media channels, our professional network, and our clients who would like to learn about or onboard themselves with specific virtual tools. 2. We record live training workshops and host the recordings on YouTube. Sometimes these are for the participants and sometimes they are for the public to view. 3. We conduct educational business interviews, both in-person and virtual, and host the interviews on YouTube to provide free educational content. Our overall goal using YouTube is not to sell or market. Instead, we provide useful and informative content, usually for the public. It strengthens our image with our existing clients and shows our dedication to continual learning and training. If a prospective client finds our videos and contacts us for paid work, that's bonus points for us.



Alexandre Mahe, Director, CEO, Skuma Ltd.


We are actually about to start launch our YouTube channel to increase our brand awar and sales. We have been inspired by other YouTube channels like Slidebean to make informational videos about topics related to our industry, in our case water. I am not sure you need our testimony since we do not really fit in the category you mentioned but it might still be interesting for your article. Either way thank you!



Nicolas Tranchant, Founder and manager, Vivalatina


I do use YouTube to improve the brand awareness of my business. Because YouTube is so easy and cheap to use, I can publish videos on my own and drive traffic about evergreen content my clients are looking for when they are at the beginning of the conversion funnel. YouTube works as a landing page that shows us to the world or redirects traffic to our online boutique: While I generate 55 000 unique visitors per month on my principal online boutique, YouTube generates 125 000 views per year, I consider it a support to my marketing effort online principally aimed at my online boutique. I do know that YouTube is the second search engine after Google and plan to invest in professional videos in the future to improve our communication through this marketing channel.



Keesjan Engelen, CEO, Titoma


Fortunately, due to the nature of our business, YouTube has worked for us. But not for the reasons many may think. A lot of people may use YouTube to attract customers and convert them to sales. Everyone wants to increase either revenue, and we also must mention the people who work entirely just by making YouTube videos, and get so many views and subscribers, that it becomes passive income. For our company however, since we work with designing and manufacturing electronics, we use more as informational and educational. We like to talk about what we do and what it means to other people if they are thinking about designing a project and don’t know where to start. So this kind of merges a little with brand awareness



Ruhul Amin, Founder, Musicalmag


I'm using YouTube for business. YouTube can be an effective video platform for small business marketing. YouTube is very popular right now and has grown dramatically in recent years. But, only 9% of American small businesses use YouTube! There is a huge market available that is mostly untapped! YouTube is a search engine like Google or Bing and is used by viewers to find helpful tutorials, how-to videos, and product reviews. By creating useful videos on YouTube for small business promotion, you gain access to a much wider audience.



Abby Herman, Director of Strategy , Snap Agency


We do have a YouTube channel where we post some training videos and educational tips. We are not there to make sales, but more of brand awareness, and since the way videos are displayed on YouTube match our visuals, it works for us. It’s free, anyone can access it, and you can add as little or as much information as you’d like. If you’re looking to monetize on the platform then you will need to invest a lot of time there posting video and content at least every week. That is one of the downsides, in addition to having to market your own videos if you want to reach a wider audience. For all intents and purposes however, I think businesses should give it a try since video content is one of the best ways to engage your audience at this time. You don’t need to invest too much time on your channel, but you can also add the link to the videos to your website.



Jeff Moriarty, Marketing Manager, Moriarty's Gem Art


We are a family-owned jewelry business and use YouTube for a variety of ways. We use it on product pages to show videos of our jewelry pieces to help visitors see the entire item. We use it for educational purposes. One of our videos actually has over 5,000,000 views after going viral on Reddit. And lastly, we use YouTube Live to do bi-weekly jewelry shows, in which we have over 1,000 people attending. It has been a huge influence on sales, especially over the last year. This is why we will continue to use it in our business.



Karen Gordon, Vice President, Goodshuffle Pro


We have recently become fans of YouTube at Goodshuffle Pro. It has been a place for us to host client testimonials. We also upload webinars and product demos there, and of course have our little spiel video of who we are as a company! It’s a great resource for our clients--not yet, new, and old(ish, we’re young)--for them to get a better idea of what our software can do for them. We’ll send a link out to clients who are considering us or who just subscribed with us just so they have a tangible resource that will walk them through what Goodshuffle Pro can do for them. (Spoiler alert: it’s a great deal of things!) As a startup, that helps us in the client implementation phase because we are lower on numbers. While we believe we’ve created a very intuitive software, we understand that new things take time to fully grasp. Our customer service is always available to help, but our YouTube is an added resource for the clients who may not need personal interaction




Saravjeet Sandhu, Founder, Saravjeet Sandhu Network


Yes, I use YouTube for my business. Pros: I use YouTube for uploading my video for my blog. Then I syndicate those videos to other platforms too, eg Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc. So YouTube is the best platform to upload videos for my online business and for awareness of my brand where I get leads for my business too. As studies have shown, memory of videos last longer than text in your audience's brains. So I was able to grow my audience on all platforms faster with my videos. I get paid by YouTube for my videos. So It's a good source of passive income. And if people want to make some extra income with their website, google Adsense is a good opportunity. All in all YouTube is a good platform to be on, even if you're not uploading your videos, you can watch other people's helpful and informative video and solve many day-to-day problems. For example, Recently my fire alarm unit started beeping constantly as it's batteries were dying out. Beeping would become very annoying in the nighttime. So it looked like a daunting task to change the batteries of my fire alarm unit on the roof. So I googled and watched the video on YouTube and was able to change the batteries right away without any hassle. Cons: If you're not focused, you've a tendency to waste a lot of time by watching many videos. This is the only drawback I see here otherwise I love YouTube.



Tim Denman, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, ServGrow


YouTube is for the Lazy Readers: Although I haven't started a YouTube channel for my business, it is one of my next company goals within the upcoming months. I wanted to wait until things settled down a bit during this pandemic before adding more time and investments into generating video content. I think YouTube is a great way to promote your business quickly and in an eye-catching way. Raise your hand if you don't like reading? YouTube was made for people like me. Videos can tell you what you want to know without requiring your full attention to every detail in a long, boring post. Not to mention, you have more freedom to make your videos funnier, more dramatic, and colorful than words on a page.



Sean Dudayev, Founder, Brawl Bros.


Not only is the younger generation consuming more video content, but so are millennials and older. Video content consumption is on the rise year over year, and if your business is not on YouTube you're missing out on a huge chunk of your potential, as well as a huge chunk of digital real estate, which is only going to be worth more every upcoming year. Outside of tapping into a larger market, it is also a way to connect your audience to your brand, and help illustrate things that can't be communicated through words or still photos. It can allow you to educate your customer and build a loyal following. It should absolutely be a part of any content strategy, and the absolute biggest benefit, is that content can be repurposed across all social platforms.



Andre Oentoro, Business owner, Breadnbeyond


I have been using YouTube for our business for a long time and from what I have noticed, YouTube have a big impact on traffic on our website and conversion rate. YouTube, this one name has global recognition and has more than 2 billion active users monthly. YouTube offers a number of advantages as a platform, one of which is providing businesses with a place to engage their audience with video content.The current state of digital culture forces companies to step out of their comfort zone and try out highly in-demand marketing platforms like YouTube. Businesses create videos, post them on YouTube, and educate the prospects about their services. 1.3 billion users use YouTube daily. That means a YouTube video can make 1.3 billion users aware of your market presence. Because with each view, you not only generate a lead but also earn a profit—no wonder why YouTube’s popularity is ever-growing. YouTube is the most popular video-sharing social media platform and has one billion visitors each month a number which is likely to grow. By 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be coming from video — according to Cisco’s recent research.YouTube is also the second largest search engine after Google since you can find practically any kind of video there.



Shiv Gupta, CEO, Incrementors Web Solution


The purpose of using YouTube is to promote the company’s relevant topics to guide our audience. Videos are recorded in our weekly presentation days in which employees cover digital marketing strategies and tips to attract an interested audience. In today’s era, people love to learn things by videos rather than written content, and this is the only reason to use YouTube as it is a hub of the learning phase.



Will Hankinson, IntroCave


YouTube is my business! IntroCave is an intro maker for YouTube -- I sell the little logo animations that you see in front of videos (as well as animated titles, photo galleries, etc). Through my customers and my own video production, I run into some of the issues that other businesses see--namely, copyrighted content. Music licensing is a huge pain. Even though I use royalty-free tracks on all of my video templates, I still end up dealing with a handful of copyright complaints every month from overly aggressive algorithms and publishers submitting claims on properly licensed music.



Michael PinterLMPK Properties


I have been a house flipper and coach to other flippers for almost nine years. I have been using YouTube to promote my business for the last few years. It helps my SEO significantly and has brought many coaching students and property sellers to me. I am a huge fan of it and it has definitely helped me grow my business.



Eva KellerDiscovering Hidden Gems


When I started my travel blog I had no intention of using YouTube, I didn’t even have my own personal account! I don’t like the negative connotation of being a “YouTuber” and just didn’t want to be associated with it in any way. But, after about a year in I realized I can use YouTube to “house” all the videos for my blog. This way, I can upload any video I would use in my blog posts to YouTube first, then embed it into my blog post. This saves webpage space and helps it load faster!



John Ward, Executive, Mold Busters


YouTube can be a valuable tool, but it has to make sense for your business. We do not utilize YouTube as we have had great success with building community in real life, and do not feel that YouTube has anything to add in these efforts for our particular business. However, the largest digital companies in the world today are digital platforms that build community. In addition, nearly all modern marketing is centered around storytelling. Any business utilizing digital marketing should be using storytelling to build community. YouTube is an excellent tool for this. Even if you are a small business, you can utilize YouTube in conjunction with real life participation in your community to achieve these goals. Perhaps live broadcasting an event you’ve organized in order to give back to your community?



Kamron Kunce, Senior Marketing Manager, 4Patriots


Social media is an integral part of any business model. Following COVID the world has flocked to online platforms far more than ever before. Our industry’s customers are spending millions of hours watching YouTube videos to answer important questions about their lifestyles. YouTube gives us the opportunity to meet our customers where they’re at with how to’s, demos, and so much more to show off our products. The content we create also helps us forge an online community of our customers and allows for public engagement.



Markus BlackwoodTheWordPoint


People have been spending more and more time online with each passing year, but 2020 brought challenges that drove people to turn their attention to digital resources like never before. Statistics say that half of the world’s population uses social media, while YouTube is the second most used media platform of 2020. We believe that this leaves no room for discussion as to whether or not YouTube is a valid way to promote a business. Growing one’s presence on YouTube is a difficult task, but it is worth investing time and effort into. As with any social media platform, content that a company puts out can’t be strictly promotional, but rather informative and entertaining. Utilizing YouTube as a marketing tool not only helps with building brand awareness but also allows attracting new customers that were otherwise unlikely to learn about the company. A successful YouTube channel also proved to be a great way to drive leads to a company’s website.. Therefore, it is clear that there are many facts that support the value of YouTube for business.



Jeff Ward, Founder, Coder Kids


We do use YouTube for business. We were drawn to YouTube during Covid because we wanted to get some new followers across the country, not just locally. Now we publish a weekly podcast on YouTube each week, along with a few other videos. Even though I can't say we have fulfilled out original mission of reaching a lot of new people through YouTube, it has certainly provided us with a creative outlet while we've been stuck inside. Producing content has also helped us to refine our mission statement and goals. I feel like it has been one of those important, but not urgent tasks that is good to do for long-term business growth.



Donna Davis, Owner, Pro Video Talent


Every marketing video that a company wants to have seen should be on , optimized to attract the target market. YouTube is owned by Google and is the #2 search engine. Therefore if you want people to see your video, it should be on . The second thing I tell them is to avoid using to host their business video on their website. Your website should have a clean, professional look. YouTube video have a picture, titles, descriptions and more on the player. Even worse, when your video ends, may show the viewer other similar videos, perhaps even one from a competitor. I recommend commercial hosting platforms like Vimeo for client website videos. If you are willing to pay for the hosting, you can customize the look of the player and even the colors of your player controls. You can also create a call to action at the end of the video and avoid having the viewer see other videos.


Brooke Markevicius, CEO, Allobee


YouTube is a great avenue to make your presence known to your audience. At Allobee, we use YouTube as an extension of our blog. Providing Tips, Tricks, and Support to Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and small business owners as they grow and scale their businesses. Video messages, like YouTube videos, provide an opportunity for you to speak face to face with a larger audience. The more personal interaction someone has with you, the greater chance you have to build credibility and trust. Even if your content doesn't hit 1k views in 1 minute, showing up and being available is an invaluable opportunity. *As an entrepreneur, you have a responsibility to be available to the people who want and need to hear the knowledge you have. Taking every opportunity to reach those people should be a priority.


 , Laura Rike

Laura Rike


YouTube is one of the most popular search engines and media platforms, with more than two billion users worldwide. As a Pinterest Powerhouse, I use YouTube to cast a wider net and catch a bigger audience. My goal is to boost engagement with my audience with how-to videos involving Pinterest marketing strategies and share testimonials. An added perk in having a YouTube channel is it offers a centralized platform for my audience to view and engage with my videos.



Dan Edmonson, Founder & CEO, Dronegenuity LLC


At Dronegenuity, we use YouTube to share content regarding drone use and aerial photography. Not only does this help advertise our services to a greater audience, but it lets people access a wide library of content to learn how to better fly their drone or how to improve their video footage. Using a voiceover and real drone footage and drone camera displays, as well as perspectives from photo/video editing applications, we’re able to recreate our experiences to teach others. For example, in our “How to Use a White Balance Card to Improve Drone Footage” video, we bring the audience through the photography and editing process step-by-step, never missing a moment, so the content is realistic and easy to understand. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about their technology, and while their professionalism and expertise always shines through, our content is written in an approachable and friendly manner. This creates a connection between us and the user, even if they’re miles away from us in physical space. While our main channel, which has over 6,500 subscribers, is our main focus for general content, we also administer a side channel for uploading our portfolio of drone videography and photography. YouTube makes it super easy to organize our work in one place, and if we ever want to share with someone else – all we need to do is forward a link. First impressions carry weight, and with the popularity of social media like YouTube, our channel may be the first glance many people get at Dronegenuity. That’s why we value creating a connection through straightforward, visually-pleasing videos, rather than frustrating or complicated tutorials. YouTube is great because of its wide scope of opportunity, and we’ve had the ability to publish videos on so many aspects of our business. From our work on capturing the beauty of landscapes to tutorials for cracking the code on various videography techniques, we’ve diversified our offerings to consumers, all through an easy-to-use platform. Something we pride ourselves on here at Dronegenuity is how passionate and educated we are about the topic of drones, with our extensive experiences in flying and aerial photography. More importantly, we love sharing that drive and love with others, and YouTube lets us reach thousands of people worldwide to do just that.


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