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Ask an Expert: Interview with the Digicoop Team on Remote Hiring Best Practices

Remote hiring has its pros and cons, so we decided to talk to Digicoop which develops online collaborative tools to help teams work better together and with deep experience in remote staffing

For many companies, the pandemic has brought on significant new challenges and how to work remotely is one of the primary ones.  Remote work also means remote hiring which really changes the traditional hiring process.  So we reached out to the team at Digicoop for their thoughts on remote hiring.  The people at Digicoop are experts in remote hiring because they have built their business with people working remotely and their work management platform Kantree helps companies navigate the virtual work experience.  


  1. BisVue: How is the process of remote hiring different from traditional in-person hiring?

    Digicoop: We are a remote-first company, so remote hiring didn’t come as a shock. We recently went through the process of recruiting our Head of Growth without worrying that the lack of in-person meetings would affect our choice. Thanks to several online meetings with the candidate, we feel confident about the new addition to the team.

    That being said, we have an office space when we need it, and we like to spend some time working with new team members before we go back to 100% remote work. Given the pandemic and restrictions we have in Paris, we have to get creative. Right now we’re planning an all-day outdoor meeting with all the team members of Digicoop present. A kind of socially-distanced onboarding for the new hire.

  2. BisVue: What are some of the pros and cons of the remote hiring process?

    Digicoop: Remote hiring means that your pool of candidates isn’t limited by location. It’s especially important for companies like ours, who do business globally and in more than one language. The con would be limited in-person time, as I mentioned earlier.

  3. BisVue: How can applicants stand out in the remote hiring process?

    Digicoop: We like to see a link to candidates’ LinkedIn profiles on their CV. If the profile is complete and well maintained, it can help the applicant stand out by showcasing his or her skills, work and event personality, which can help determine if they would be a good fit not only for the job description, but team culture as well.

  4. BisVue: Is a strong video presence an important quality for applicants?

    Digicoop: I would say yes, because it replaces in-person meetings. It goes back to being a good fit for the team personality-wise, which cannot be conveyed on paper.

  5. BisVue: Any other tips for applicants or hiring companies?

    Digicoop: We recommend using our work management platform Kantree to simplify the recruitment process, just like we do (no need to buy a separate HR tool).

    By using project forms to collect candidate data and create a hiring workflow, followed by messaging directly within the project, you keep all communication and files in one place, easily accessible to everyone on the hiring team.
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