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2022 Marketing Trends and Predictions from Business Experts: Part Two  avatar
We asked business leaders and experts what marketing trends and predictions they had for 2022. Here are their answers to help you get a jump start on growing your business in the new year.


Tobias Rawcliffe, Head of Marketing, Number 1 Plates

As digital marketing has become more and more competitive these days, in 2022, there will be a continuous increase in the use of digital marketing tools, both in advertising and marketing analytics. Companies will use marketing tools to drive more engagement in their social media content and posts and better understand what customers want. Companies can also personalize their content among different market segments. AI tools will collect customer data and purchase behaviors. Through the use of the data, marketers can provide personalized content for every customer and drive more sales.



Gian Moore, Partner and Marketing Director, Mellowpine

The influencer marketing industry will continue to experience a massive change by way of decentralisation, specifically within live streaming where we will see both established and new platforms joining the live streaming wars. The explosion of social media platforms put creative power and monetization opportunities in the hands of everyday people and influencers, allowing content creators to become an accessible, generational expression of art that millions participate in every year. In 2022, brands will recognize that technology like AI is nonnegotiable, as the growing rate of content creation and distribution far exceeds what any human can feasibly process. By leveraging structured and unstructured data, AI can guide us through an endless sea of creators and content to accurately provide recommendations that will yield the most ROI. In 2022, this data will equip brands with the necessary knowledge to execute impactful, authentic campaigns that better resonate with audiences.



Kent Lewis, President & Founder, Anvil Media, Inc.

Leverage The Metaverse Buzz by Creating a Presence While many believe Facebook's rebrand as Meta and focus on the metaverse is a strategic distraction from bad press fueled by the Facebook Papers, we believe at Anvil that their horsepower and deep investment in the metaverse, along with other major players like Microsoft, will expedite many brands to dabble in the virtual world in 2022. While consumers may be a few years from caring about the metaverse, early adopters will embrace the novelty and utility.



Robert Stevens, Founder and Chief Editor whichmountsubwoofer

I think using NFTs or non-fungible tokens to sell a brand will be the biggest trend of 2022. The NFT craze has taken over the internet and big names like Twitter and Tackbell have jumped into the trend. Using NFTs you can amplify your brand’s digital presence since you are essentially selling collectibles. Brands are collaborating with influencers and movie stars to help sell their art. In fact, the mixture of influencer marketing, digital art, and social media is what has made this marketing trend explode.



Victoria Mendoza, CEO, MediaPeanut

As a digital marketing expert and CEO of Mediapeanut, there are a lot of trends that changed the way we see the marketing landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I see a trend in short-form video and inbound marketing that marketers plan to leverage next year. While bigtime influencer marketing is expected to be the craze among marketers, we see brands reaching out more to small players like up and coming influencers in Instagram and TikTok as they are perceived by audiences as more engaged and authentic. We see bigtime influencers to be a challenge for outreach because of their broad niche and audience which does not translate well into sales and conversion. Moving forward to 2022, consumers will be more connected to the web and digital platforms more than ever. We expect even more social media use in the coming months due to the pandemic which means we have to contend with more virtual events, influencer marketing, short-form video campaigns, and livestreaming videos as possible opportunities for growth for the industry



Amit Raj, Founder, The Links Guy

There is a lot of new tech around the corner such as AR, VR and the metaverse, when it comes to SEO in the near future, it may be more about returning to simpler strategies. With the number of algorithm updates that Google has been rolling out throughout 2021, it's becoming less about technical SEO and more about creating content specifically for the end-user. Google is testing a new Natural Language Processing Model dubbed “MUM” (Multitask United Model), which will understand the user’s feelings, context, and intent, providing suitable answers that are unique to that user’s query.



Anders BrydeThornild, , CyberPilot

I think we will see a lot of companies starting to structure their content in Topic Clusters in 2022. They will do this to attract organic traffic by showing authority to Google, but it also helps the companies when it comes to structuring the content production, no matter if it's blogposts or videos. The topic clusters gives a better user experience, strutucres the content production and gives you better chances of ranking on keywords. It's a win-win.



Dragos Badea, CEO, Yarooms

The biggest trend in marketing for 2022 will be short form video content with subtitles, rather than audio. This has proven to be far and away the winner in terms of social media marketing hits, especially when current research says that less than 10% of viewers will actually turn sound on for particular clips or gifs. Short form videos with subtitles work on every major social media platform, dominating TikTok and Instagram, where huge amounts of marketing will be done in 2022 as it was in 2021. The smart money in marketing will be creating content to fit the trend.



Olivia Tan, Co-founder, CocoFax

With the explosion of smart speakers and voice search in recent years, you'd be forgiven for thinking that “readable” content is more important than visuals and design these days. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth. While advancements in voice search are certainly influencing the way that we'll create content now and in the future, you shouldn't neglect visual content either. Research has shown that people prefer visual content to plain text. You just have to look at the growth of image-focused platforms Pinterest and Instagram to see the proof of this. Google, Pinterest, and several other companies are also investing in visual search technology. Images are already returned for 19% of searches on Google, and 62% of millennials say they are more interested in visual search than any other new technology. Visuals are also easier to remember than written content. Adding data visualizations, infographics, images, and videos to your text not only makes it more interesting and attractive, but it can help your message to be absorbed better too.



Deepasha Kakkar, Founder, CrackittSite

*Search engine optimization for voice searches*When it comes to general web search, voice assistants are used by most consumers. For this reason, *more and more marketers are going to be optimizing their content for voice search in order to keep up with this trend. In contrast to text SEO, voice search optimization will place a stronger emphasis on long-tail keywords and question-based queries.*



Josh JP Pierce, Paid Media Manager, Blaze Media

In 2022, the ever-growing movement of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) will continue. Brands and businesses will continue to explore them in greater detail and delve into their impact. The value of NFTs will vary (like everything in this world) and it will be down to businesses marketing strategies which will pinpoint where they sit in the market, and how much far consumers are willing to go to obtain the NFTs. Brands such as the NFL, Pepsi, Adidas and more are already investing and strategizing on how to capitalise on the growing trend (screenshot provided), and I do not see this slowing down. The smartest brands and marketers will be looking into how to implement plans for their own NFTs, and for anyone interested in finding out more information I would strongly recommending listening to Gary Vaynerchuk who is banging the drums for this cause.



Sean Kosofsky, Owner, Mind the Gap Consulting

This may not be what you were expecting to read but I do think it's really important to note that one of the biggest marketing trends for 2022 will be disinformation. I come from the world of political campaigns and what we have seen in the past few years is that disnformation is quickly becoming a specific tactic by some of the biggest advertisers and marketers in the upcoming election year. It because it is incredibly lucrative. We have seen overtime that the claims of health benefits of products have gotten worse and more deceiving. We just saw a major national stories about Black Oxygen and all of the crazy money making schemes out there to convince people to part with their money to cure covid.



Jeff Mains, CEO, Champion Leadership Group

The beginning of each year brings a surge in interest in digital marketing trends and new approaches to advertising and public relations. This is especially true given that the epidemic has artificially depressed marketing budgets, prompting marketers to explore more cost-effective methods of reaching their target audiences. That being said, here are two primary marketing trends in 2022. - *Marketers must adapt to the growing importance of second-tier cities. *Large numbers of city residents increasingly wish to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and settle in the country, where they can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and a house with a classic picket fence. Many individuals residing in big cities such as New York and London were already preparing to leave before the epidemic hit. *Brands' communication and marketing approaches will need to be adjusted to be effective in different markets. *This is to account for a rise in the range of target audiences and the diversity of those audiences. Placement and message may need to be revised, and new items and price strategies may be introduced. Other changes may be necessary. - *There is a thriving crib economy. *COVID-19 did not only increase the demand for locally produced goods, but it also increased the supply of locally produced goods. It also elevated eCommerce, home delivery, virtual employment, entertainment systems, and voice commerce to a higher level of general acceptance than they had previously been. *This epidemic has clearly shown that staying at home more often is not only easy and safe, but it also has the potential to boost job productivity.*



Artur Prokopchik, Business Development Manager, Code Inspiration

Domination of aggregators in search results will be among marketing trends in 2022 and beyond. Businesses should create, verify and maintain profiles on major aggregators like Google My Business, Apple Maps Connect, Microsoft Bing places, Yelp Business Listing and other average aggregators to boost online presence and be visible in local search. Additionally, there is one more option to use this trend. It is possible to create and manage your own aggregator, for example, for specific companies or companies in the given area.



Jeff Moriarty, Marketing Manager, Moriarty's Gem Art

This year we started doing live streams through Facebook and Youtube to our local and online customers due to less people wanting to shop in person because of COVID. These live streams were both educational and commercial in nature. The live shows allowed visitors to view our items, buy online and ask questions. We are now getting about 1500+ viewers watching our show each time. Not only has it helped to stay connected with our customers via social media and Youtube, it has generated a ton of sales $30,000 from our last month's show) for our business.



Laia Martin, Performance Marketer, TeamUp

The Main marketing trend - Less is more. Focus on providing better experiences for your customers. Consumers are looking for more from life in the post-pandemic world and wellness and health is taking center stage. It's shifting priorities. Our media habits are still changing, and the fight for attention is on. Marketers need to be more strategic and focus on creating experiences at every stage of their interactions with customers to earn social media word-of-mouth. The explosion of digital marketing options means that many businesses are spread too thin across too many channels. Smart businesses focus on dominating one channel and aim to do fewer things better. The options in digital marketing continue to grow - automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Marketers need to think strategically to focus on what really drives their business growth. Everything is algorithm-driven to optimise user experience so marketers should provide a user experience that customers want. Influencers continue to grow (even for B2B) but, consumers are looking for authenticity and moving away from perfection, and it's changing the influencer game Facebook will continue to dominate and LinkedIn continues to be a rising star in the digital space, so all-in with both platforms.



Cecilia Lang, CRO, Firefly

*Experiential marketing will have a comeback but with a twist. As brands find ways to engage with their customers and create meaningful experiences, technologies like Holograms and Velocity Projections will find their way onto the streets.*



Lynne McNamee, President, Lone Armadillo Marketing & Consulting

I think 2022 is the year businesses refocus on their CRM and integrate it across the organization for a single-source of truth. A solution like HubSpot is great for this, with marketing, sales, customer service and operations all working together to provide a unified customer experience.



Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD

Automation will take over the Marketing Kingdom. The IEE study of 2021 demonstrated the acceleration of cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence due to the global pandemic. Exactly what does it mean for all industries? Automation. Indeed, Facebook created Campaign Ideas Generator to simplify marketers' tasks by offering ready-made campaigns templates tailored to the businesses' industry and target audience. Increasingly, we have access to tools, templates, generators, not to mention an expanding range of analysis tools.



Natalie Marcotullio, Head of Growth , Navattic

In 2022 I think businesses will be using product-led content to grow their business. Product led has been growing in popularity for the past few years. However, it's not feasible for every type of team or software. If your company is not product-led yet, product-led content is a good first for marketers to become product-led. Typically, content is either heavily search-engine optimized to gain clicks or built to generate leads through downloading a piece of gated content. This means any mention of the product itself is usually absent from the content. In contrast, product-led content deliberately weaves the product into the content, using it to illustrate how prospects can use the product to solve their problems. Modern buyers expect to interact with your product before they buy. 45% of B2B buyers are 25-30 years old. This means buyer behavior is changing. This new demographic of buyers expect to do their research and act independently. Not only do buyers prefer product-led content, but it also accelerates faster time to value and produces higher quality leads. If your sales motion relies on prospects requesting a demo or sales call, time-to-value can be hard to optimize. According to Lead Connect, 55% of companies take over five days to respond to demo requests. Product-led content allows you to show value upfront, and beat slower competitors. Educating buyers before and during the sales process creates better-qualified leads. Leads who convert because they’ve understood your product and how they might use it are far more likely to convert than people who signed up for gated content but were never really bought into your product in the first place. Some examples of product-led content are product videos or interactive product tours.



Jonathan Gudai Gudai, CEO, adtech platform Adomni

A super-hot vertical that'll probably continue next year is sports betting. Right now, it's being legalized in more states, so with every state that goes live, it's a new kind of customer base that the sports betting groups need to acquire. You'll see a trend toward more of those types of ads starting to be placed everywhere, encouraging people to download the various sports book apps. Crypto and NFT have obviously started to become a bit more mainstream but aren't yet there. These companies that have either gone public or have just found early success are going to start really putting their message out, encouraging everyday people to start investing in Bitcoin or buying some NFTs. That'll translate to just seeing those brands all throughout these digital home screens.



Chris Gadek, Head of Growth , AdQuick

*One marketing trend that is really starting to gain momentum moving into 2022 is AI chatbots. AI chatbots are great at helping your top of funnel activity and qualifying leads for your sales team. This is a great marketing tool that is being deployed in numerous ecommerce stores already and should have a place in your website. They also help answer questions that your customers have and help convert more visitors into customers. Implement AI chatbots into your website in 2022.*



Woody Sears, Founder, HearHere

Personalized marketing is not new, but with studies showing a 50% higher conversion rate, and further engagement increasing by nearly a third, marketers are now taking it to the next level with hyper-personalization. This new technique moves beyond just utilizing information from search engine queries or putting a first name at the beginning of an email, and over 97% of all marketers state they will make greater use of this method in 2022. Hyper-personalization looks at the most recent data gathered from company website sources, and merges it with other relevant content and individual product or service interests to create an individualized customer profile. This allows businesses to speak to specific issues, not generalized ones. As digital marketing becomes more crowded, this technique will continue to be implemented into the new year.



John McGhee, Owner, Webconsuls

The biggest marketing trend in 2022 will be focusing more on customer needs. The central theme with most marketing content today is how great the product or service is. Most content is implemented to support this central theme - showing features of the product/service, testimonials saying how great it is, comparisons with similar products or services, etc. This central theme will shift to illustrating how the product or service can solve a problem for consumers. This helps you stand out in a saturated market, resonates with consumers more, and automatically includes an aspect of social proof. The supplemental marketing efforts that promote products and services will be similar for the most part, but the central theme of content will change to focusing on how what you're selling solves problems in 2022.



Andrew Maffettone, Founder/CEO, BlueTuskr

Start investing in SEO now! Paid advertising will always be a great marketing strategy but with the increased complications around tracking, digital marketing is going to start to become just like traditional marketing so developing a strong content strategy can really help bring down your overall CPA and allow you to focus on other strategies outside of paid ads.



Ashley Richmond, Director, Help Us Gather (HUG)

Even though 1 in 4 U.S. adults lives with a disability, mainstream marketing campaigns rarely include people with special needs. People want advertising that reflects their reality, and savvy companies large and small are realizing the value of true diversity. In fact, featuring people with disabilities in marketing was recognized as the #1 brand humanity trend by Biz Community in 2020<>, and HUG is fielding more requests than ever for companies looking to hire people with disabilities for print, TV, video and social content.



Jeff Meeks, Director, EnergyFit

*The pandemic left a flood of available retail space, and eCommerce businesses, as well as traditional ones, have used it to create a new marketing model, the pop-up shop. These temporary stores not only create additional physical points of sale, but they also allow for valuable promotions and customer engagement. And they have proven effective as last year, they generated 20 billion dollars in revenue, and increased eCommerce business by over a third.* *Pop-up shops, from a marketing standpoint, create an avenue for businesses to give customers a tangible feel and introduction to their products that their audience may not have had previously. They also provide the opportunity for businesses to engage with customers, collecting additional data that can be used for further promotions. Due to their low cost, sales generating potential, and data collection abilities, pop-up shops will be a marketing technique that will gain momentum in the coming year.*



Simonas Steponaitis, Marketing Manager, Do Fasting

Voice-activated digital assistants continue to be huge sellers. The popularity of voice search both at home and on our phones has led to one of the most significant shifts in using keywords. When writing content, choose your keywords based on the questions people may ask when using Siri or Alexa. This can increase your visibility, and this digital marketing trend shows no sign of slowing down. On the other side of the spectrum, users can now upload an image and get information about an item just from a picture. If they’re uploading a plant photo, the search returns species information, while a landmark image will return historical data. When a user searches for a product, it returns similar products and where to buy them. Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, and related search tools turn a user’s camera into a search bar. How can you leverage these searches? You can add high-quality images and tag them with descriptive keywords. For voice search create more informative content, choose your keywords based on the questions people may ask when using Siri or Alexa. Mobile-first websites will enjoy increased popularity. With the prevalence of smartphones for the majority of our internet browsing, more websites are created with a mobile-first design. This simply means that when the website is being designed, it’s mapped out on the smallest screen first to deliver the best experience to mobile users while including features designed to improve mobile use. This can consist of touchscreen-friendly navigation, streamlined navigation menus, less text-heavy content, and functions like collapsible menus. The website will still work correctly on desktops and large screens, but the user experience is tailored to mobile users. You will benefit from fast page loading, improved SERP, mobile integrative features like voice detection or camera use, and an overall improved user experience to help increase conversions. Finally, User-generated content is gold and helps build trust with your audience. It can help increase your brand’s search rankings, credibility, and overall Engagement. By leveraging your fans’ content you can create meaningful relationships that foster long-term engagement. Find this content by searching your brand on social channels or asking for users to participate and provide content through hashtags.



Bob Bentz, PresidentPurplegator

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that digital marketing is the now and the future. One relatively easy thing that you can do online for 2022 is to optimize your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). Especially for B to B businesses, there's no better social media platform to put your effort into than Google Business Profile. Optimize it with your best images of your team and the work you've done for clients. Regular updates on Google Business Profile will pay off almost immediately and we've seen significant increases in your search engine rankings by optimizing it. Spend time on it in 2022. You'll get both click throughs and calls.



Jordon Scrinko, Founder & Marketing Director, Precondo

*Smart social media marketing automation *will be on the table as firms try to reach out to the right audiences with* the right messages at the right time i*n their lives to maintain high contextual relevance. In an email campaign, this goes beyond merely addressing a customer by their first name. *Several elements, including automatic emails, web pages, and lead gathering, may be adjusted based on a number of variables. *Marketing automation enables the delivery of hyper-personalized, hyper-targeted customer experiences across a variety of marketing channels.* A consumer-centric automated nurturing operation will be in place.* Technology is progressing at a fast pace, and it is at the heart of contemporary trends. Marketing has progressed beyond branding and advertising; now,* marketers must work with other departments to create outstanding client experiences and build long-term connections with clients.* From targeted messaging that helps customers solve problems in order to make a purchase decision, to a customer-focused culture that continues throughout their customer journey, to an experience that is exceptional across all channels, While voice search is clearly impacting the way we create content today and in the future, *visual content should not be disregarded*.



Yuvi Alpert, Founder, Creative Director, and CEO , Noemie

Digital marketing can be expensive and very competitive, making it difficult to afford, and gain attention, which is why many businesses have discovered the advantages of using QR codes. QR codes create the opportunity to place a business’s website directly into the hands of the consumer, and with their growth over the pandemic, this strategy has been increasingly effective. The latest research shows that 90% of smartphone users have utilized QR codes, and over a third of them do so four times a month. These easy and portable marketing tools can be placed on packaging, business cards, and in partnering businesses. They can also be quickly reassigned to new areas to capture a more targeted audience. QR codes allow businesses with limited budgets to be more competitive and mobile, while providing them an expanded audience.



Adam Ng, CEO and Founder, Trusted

*Short Form Content Domination:* As attention spans continue to decline and with more media competing for our time short-form content will continue to proliferate Social Selling will increase: Social media is used by practically everybody, everywhere. This makes it a prime spot for businesses to look for leads. It’s no wonder why the majority of top sales representatives rely on these platforms for their strategies.With this, you can say goodbye to cold calling random contacts and cookie-cutter processes. It allows you to leverage social insights and online intelligence so you can zero in on strong leads before you even interact with them. What’s more, you can develop a two-way street between sales reps and consumers through social media. The Power Of Artificial Intelligence: bug trend is AI-generated content. We will begin to realize the opportunity of an AI-driven content marketing strategy <>. If 60-70% of the content we create goes unused, AI will begin to force us to reconsider what we create and why. AI technology can help companies conduct business forecasting and predictions.businesses will rely more on AI tools for digital process automation, such as using conversational AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to provide an automated response to customer queries. This could ultimately improve the business’s customer service satisfaction score.



Lexie Smith, Founder, THEPRBAR inc

We will see the worlds of digital marketing and PR continue to merge in 2022. Specifically, I expect to see affiliate links and becoming more and more common practice Thus, if you are a product-based business and affiliate marketing isn't yet on your radar, it's time to knowledge-up and consider onboarding onto an affiliate marketing platform.


Annie Singer, Founder, Reciple

*Biggest marketing trends of 2022:* With new privacy and security measures, remarketing (display ads, social media ads) is becoming less and less effective. That's why community engagement will become more important than ever in 2022. Long gone are the days when you could grow your social media following just by posting daily — and mindless engagement no longer cut it either. Companies that put building communities (on social media, email, podcasts, audio content platforms) at the forefront of their marketing strategy will have a huge competitive advantage in 2022.



Elizabeth Ruth, CEO & Chief Copy Writer, ER Marketing Services

One of the biggest marketing trends in 2022 is getting on board with the use of short videos. Marketing has evolved over the past two years, with people being fatigued with static posts. Most platforms have started to integrate these short videos, such as YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels and even LinkedIn stories. It seems that short videos now have really grabbed the attention of people, short videos being 60 seconds maximum. The nature of these short videos, being able to go through a lot of them in a short period, is what makes them very popular. That is a way to concisely get one point across in a really fun and engaging way.



Cody Candee, Founder and CEO, Bounce

One of the most significant trends in promotions is narrative marketing, which in essence, are stories centered on creating a human connection to your target audience. The latest studies have shown that over 50% of customers engage with promotions that utilize this technique and nearly 20% will share these narrative style advertisements. Promotions that feature customer journeys, a behind the scenes look at a business, or human interest pieces that can be a one off, or continued, have grown in popularity. Narrative marketing also can repurpose content, from blogs, newsletters and even emails, decreasing costs while increasing effectiveness. Because of these advantages, this method of promotions will continue well into 2022 and beyond.



Kija Chronister, Agency Marketing Manager, Slice Communications

Thanks to Facebook changing its name to Meta, it has pushed virtual and augmented reality at the forefront of marketing. This name change has shown that they are investing heavily in the Metaverse to create virtual and augmented experiences for users. While the Metaverse is a more large-scale experience that is still being designed, other companies are already using this technology. IKEA’s Place app allows customers to place true-to-scale furniture in their own space and Sephora Virtual Artist lets you try on different makeup products before purchasing. While implementing VR and AR can be an overhaul, it is something businesses should begin to look into adding to their strategy to help set themselves apart from competitors; plus consumers are looking for more personalized and unique experiences.



Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO, Mavens & Moguls

Social commerce explodes -- During the pandemic shopping became more virtual with social media platforms as an increasingly popular shopping outlet. Shops on Instagram/Facebook Shops lead the way especially with younger audiences, TikTok has product links too. More video content -- The world is becoming more visual when it comes to consuming content which has made visual-driven platforms like YouTube/Instagram/TikTok gain popularity. With the rise of a generation that would much rather watch/look at something vs sit/read, there is going to be a growing trend of more visual content including pictures/videos (long and short form)/memes/diagrams/infographics. As more people shifted online during the pandemic, live streams were increasingly used to host public events/meetings on platforms like Twitch. Attention spans are shrinking -- In a mobile first/mobile only world, you have less time to grab people/attention spans are shorter so rich content drives engagement/traction/growth. Fewer people access the web on big screens so everyone is tailoring their site/message/content accordingly. Google is now considering the mobile-first design as a ranking factor for websites to improve performance. AR/VR are expected to become more mainstream as cell networks become stronger/faster so will be used more to grab/keep people engaged. More use of data and analytics – Online marketing is becoming more dependent on data. To tell compelling stories to your target market, important data has to be collected and scrutinized. It has become more important to use data to define the strategy. Businesses have to understand the importance of every piece of data they collect, and how they can use this data to create stories that interest their readership, journalists, and market. Companies that want to succeed today must embrace numbers and analytics and need to be smarter about how they use data. Data analysis gives deeper insights into behaviors and habits. Influencers on the rise -- The future of successful influencer marketing is to utilize a mix of influencer types. Instead of just focusing on the most popular/branded individual influencers, it will include internal experts, micro-influencers, niche experts and customers in the influencer marketing mix.. Getting multiple perspectives and insights always enriches the discussion and generates more activity online. Content, products or designs that are co-created by the brand and influencers from the very beginning will thrive in 2022. Co-creations can provide inspiration, tips and information for the audience. Brands may be better served by working with micro-influencers for example who offer smaller follower counts, but post around niche interests, leading to more meaningful one-on-one connections with audience members. Input from the brand should flow seamlessly with their other content which comes down to an understanding of micro-influencers’ core messaging, with brands seeking to match campaign posts with the micro-influencer’s usual look and feel. It should not feel like a paid opportunity, slapping on the #ad to a post. You want to give them the freedom to create their own content too, but ensure it’s still getting the message across.



Emily King, Owner, EJM Design

SEO and SEM is going to become an even bigger part of companies marketing strategy in 2022. With all of the uncertainty and consumer backlash against social media in 2021, consumers are spending less time on those apps and becoming more distrustful. I expect we'll see more marketing spend shift towards Google ads and away from Facebook & Instagram ads in the near future.



Jonathan Zacharias, Founder, GR0

In 2022, influencer marketing on Youtube is the name of the game. Youtube content creators foster so much growth for companies through paid sponsorships on daily lifestyle and vlog content. The classic consumer will skip through the traditional Google ads but they will sit through tutorials, try-on hauls, reviews and other forms of sponsored content their favorite influencers produce. This new wave in advertising is all the rage as it provides organic engagement and direct sales inspired by discount codes tailored to the influencer.



Gerald Lombardo, Co-Founder, The Word Counter

Below I've listed some digital marketing trends to expect in 2022: - Less content creation, more curation. With so much information being shared across the web it's becoming increasingly difficult for PR professionals to stay on top of creating their own new blog posts or social media updates. Instead of spending time trying to create unique new pieces, PR professionals will shift to more of a curator role and curate content from other sources. - PR becomes even further integrated with marketing such as SEO, advertising, social media, etc. PR professionals will be expected to take on an even larger role within the marketing department and work closely with all of these teams in order to drive traffic, leads & sales. This role has always been known for the ability to generate high-quality leads but now PR pros are expected to work just as hard on nurturing those leads through email marketing or SEO. PR pros who can generate solid inbound traffic that converts into sales will be hot commodities in 2022! - PR professionals who excel at storytelling are highly sought after. PR has always been known for storytelling but it's becoming increasingly important that PR pros use their skills when telling stories about their client's products and services. PR professionals who can spin a great story about their clients will be extremely valuable to companies in the future.



Kevin Miller, SEO Expert | Entrepreneur | Angel Investor,

PR is a major component of digital marketing. As such, the PR industry is primed to see three main changes in 2022 and beyond: increased PR specialization, AI-powered PR tools, and more diversity within PR teams. First off, there's been a huge shift towards PR specialization. PR agencies and PR professionals are no longer one-size-fits all, but rather customizing their services to meet the needs of clients - whether that means PR for a specific industry or PR tactics catered towards very specific goals. Secondly, AI is going to be an integral part in how PR works moving forward as well as more PR tools to help PR professionals get the job done. Thirdly, PR teams are becoming more diverse than ever before - for example, PR agencies that have women in higher leadership roles lead companies with larger female clientele and lower company turn over rates. The marketing industry is poised to see three big changes as well: increased use of video, PR merging with marketing, and PR moving towards C-suite level. The first change is that video content will become more powerful than ever before - for example, companies like Netflix are investing big into the power of videos to drive growth. Secondly, PR and Marketing teams are blurring together because marketers often have PR responsibilities already so PR is more of a PR/Marketing hybrid. Lastly, PR is moving further towards the C-suite level because executives are realizing that PR is necessary to get businesses seen by audiences outside of their own social circles - for example, PR pros are being asked to develop new strategies that can help companies connect with larger audiences through earned media. The PR industry is going to continue changing rapidly in the next five years, but it's important for PR pros and marketers alike to adapt quickly. As PR changes so will marketing - which means PR professionals need to be ready with new ideas and tools at their disposal.



Daniel Javor, Founder & CEO, Step By Step Business

1.The number one trend that will continue and grow in importance is the customer experience. People have expectations of simplicity and relevance, and marketers need to meet that demand. Another trend that is a huge part of marketing is the perception of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). No matter what form this comes in, it is an absolute must when it comes to brand perception. 2.While digital marketing is clearly embedded in any marketing strategy now, the evolution is coming in terms of measuring results. It’s not just ROI – it must be specific, so you know what exactly is working. This measurement is improving, but the consensus in the industry seems to be that it has a long way to go. AI will play a part in this. 3. Focus on perfecting the customer experience and measure the results of the evolution of your customer experience. Better tools to measure results will be your best investment.



Darren Litt, Co-Founder , Hiya Health

We're on a mission to reimagine children's health and end our collective addiction to sugar by creating a sugar-free, junk-free multivitamin delivered on a pediatrician approved schedule. Specifically for eCommerce marketing, what we expect to see in 2022 is a move away from Amazon to small eCommerce businesses. A survey reveals that 65% of consumers say they would rather buy from purpose-driven brands that support ecological sustainability. Our product design is environmentally friendly, meaning we’ve made packaging minimal with glass containers that are to be refilled monthly. If your business has already adopted green solutions or plans to do so soon, you’ll want to make the public aware of this in your marketing as more consumers seek this out. Also, there was a surge in eCommerce sales during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Last year, what amounts to 10 years of sustained growth happened in a mere three months. What this means is that the eCommerce space is even more competitive than ever. This along with new customer acquisition costs on the rise, customer retention has become the focus for many eCommerce businesses. One of the best ways to stay connected to customers is with email campaigns targeted to this specific segment. Consistent newsletters, special offers, etc. to each list member in a personalized way boosts brand visibility and helps retain customers.



Brian Lim, CEO, iHeartRaves

Influencer marketing is a growing eCommerce trend for 2022. Our iHeartRaves Instagram page <> has nearly 600K followers, and we use influencer marketing frequently. For 2022, I predict influencer marketing will take on a life of its own. The trend will continue to gain momentum and we'll see more brands hiring influencers to promote their products, rather than utilizing standard forms of advertising such as TV commercials or billboards. It's no secret that platforms like Instagram or YouTube already heavily rely on celebrities and influencers to drive traffic, generate hype and boost engagement for brand-sponsored content. And now major companies are pushing forward with this strategy in hopes of reaching out to a whole new customer base through digital marketing. It's possible that next year, non-celebrity influencers could be the ones to watch. As influencer marketing becomes more advanced, it's likely that brands will hire micro-influencers whose content is just as powerful but reaches a smaller audience than traditional celebrities. This doesn't mean that bigger stars should stop creating sponsored content or fear their impact on the market - these micro acts are not intended to overshadow big names in the industry, rather they're meant for brands to target audiences with similar interests who don't normally listen to mainstream media outlets like Late Night Shows or Entertainment Podcasts.



Joe Younkin, Founder & CEO, Our Fit Pets

I have expertise in pet adoption/ fitness/ psychology and entrepreneurship. I would like to answer your query. Reaching out to an audience without the assistance of a third party will be a major marketing trend in 2022. Social media platforms are great, but more than a million companies use them to communicate with the targeted consumer; it's easy to get lost in the crowd. However, you can use social media as a foundation to direct your audience to a more personalized space of your company (such as your own app, newsletter, and blog). The personalized space guarantees that the message you want to convey to your audience actually reaches them, and you get their full attention. For instance, reaching out to the audience's mailbox through the newsletter. Furthermore, developing personalized content is more significant than ever in 2022. By utilizing content marketing, educating your audience about your products/brand in a more customized manner will develop the audience's interest in your brand.



Brandon Schroth, Founder , Reporter Outreach

In today's digital age, small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to understand the importance and value of SEO. I see more and more brands taking the leap to invest in their online visibility, whether they're just starting out with a brand new website, or revamping an existing website. In 2022, SEO will continue to be a major trend. One of the best ways to boost SEO and gain visibility for brands is by using platforms like HARO, Qwoted, Sourcebottle, and Terkel. These platforms put you front and center with reporters and journalists who are writing articles for top media outlets and need expert sources to quote. By spending the time to curate high-quality pitches, brands have the chance to be featured on authoritative sites like Business Insider, Forbes, Yahoo, and more. Brands can receive a mention in the article as well as a backlink to their site. This is extremely important for increasing brand visibility and boosting keyword rankings in Google and I see this trend growing rapidly in 2022.



Adriana Cowdin, CEO & Managing Director, Dekaf Digital

In 2022, we'll see continued reliance, and both business and consumer engagement, on social media and social commerce. While new audio exclusive social platforms made it big in 2021, they will take a backseat as people look to engage in more engaging experiences through short form video. Speaking of video, it will continue to be the leader in audience consumption with TikTok bucking the established players such as YouTube and Facebook for audience and influencer engagement. Lastly, expect an expansion of education-based podcasts where companies/influencers/brands/hosts promote their products and services.



Stacy Wells, Director of Marketing, Wooly

*As influencer marketing matures in 2022, one big trend will be user-generated content. The best source for images, videos, reviews, copy, and more will be individuals--not in-house marketers and agencies. Brands will learn to leverage UGC while profiting from significantly lower production costs. As companies repurpose UGC, they will naturally extend their visibility and reach, build connections and trust with new consumers, reduce customer acquisition costs, and drive more business. * *The slick, professionally crafted content we have relied on for years will continue to lose its efficacy. People want authentic, raw images and messages. Thus, 2022 will see marketers and companies pivot and rely more and more upon UGC to grow. *


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