On-demand webinar: Sustainable lease  accounting:  Maintaining compliance through Day 2 and beyond
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⁣When FASB and IASB first announced the lease accounting standards ASC 842 and IFRS 16, respectively, companies scrambled to pull together their lease data and implement procedures and tools to generate the required disclosures.

But as leases changed, many companies struggled to maintain compliance as they didn’t realize the complexity of managing leases, accounting for changes… View More

Lease Accounting Webinar: Managing Renewals and Ongoing Changes with Technology 
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⁣Leases are dynamic, evolving documents. Lease changes – and remeasurements – are common, but how to handle them under ASC 842 is not always straightforward. As unexpected circumstances like COVID-19 interrupt business plans, payments or obligations may have changed in unpredictable ways.

Because lease changes are common, FASB devoted much of ASC 842 to lease remeasurements.
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Webinar: Planning for Lease Accounting Compliance with GASB 87
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⁣Government entities and public sector organizations often struggle to comprehend the complex requirements of GASB 87.

Let us break it down for you – and help you be better prepared.
In this webinar, you will learn:
Overview of the adoption considerations for GASB 87
How to perform lessee and lessor accounting calculations
Live preview of GASB 87 lease accounting… View More

On-demand webinar: ASC 842: A countdown to lease accounting compliance
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⁣Preparing for ASC 842 compliance is incredibly demanding. One of the most difficult parts is knowing what needs to be done – and when.
Don’t fall behind on the important milestones you need to meet this year to comply with the private company deadline.
In this webinar, we will guide you through each step of preparation and share an associated timeline to set up your company for a… View More

Ensure GASB 87 Compliance with Visual Lease's Lease Accounting Software
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⁣Ensure GASB 87 Compliance with Visual Lease's Lease Accounting Software View More

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