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ProFocus Technology
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Recording of the Virtual Lunch from 3/27 with ProFocus. Topic: Managing Remote Teams during COVID 19.

ProFocus Technology
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This seminar is quick and packed with information that can help you become a better leader. The seminar shares best practices you can use to BUILD BETTER TEAMS.

Topics include:
• Pipelining Tech Talent
• Employer’s Brand
• Your company’s culture of empowering managers to hire
• What Elon Musk would do
• Reducing Cycle Time of Hiring Process
• Improving the Candidate Experience

The seminar is put on by John Boone, the Founder and President of ProFocus Technology, a Tech Staffing and Consulting firm. John Boone has worked with hundreds of hiring managers to recruit and hire team members. He has the best managers in action…and the worst. He’s also seen all the best practices…and the worst. He’s condensed his experience into this short seminar to help you.

“A lot of tech managers are at wit's end because most staffing firms don’t understand technical needs and cultural fit. ProFocus has a different model. First - they understand tech. Then they learn their client’s needs and only carefully introduce candidates. Due to this model, they fill over 80% of our client’s jobs with three or fewer resume submissions.”

About ProFocus Technology:

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